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"I found out long ago"
"It's a long way down a Holiday Road"
"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick"
"Going to take a ride
to the West Coast, kids"
"Holiday Road!"
"Holiday Road!"
"Holiday Road!"
"Holiday Road!"
"I found out long ago"
"It's a long way down a Holiday Road"
"Holiday Road"
"Holiday Road"
"Holiday Road"
Clark Griswold.
I'm trading my wife's old car in.
Say good-bye
to the old gas-guzzler, Russ!
It's pretty exciting, isn't it, Rusty?
What's that, Dad?
Picking up the new car!
You can't wait, can you?
Hi there, Ed!
Good to see you, Mr. Griswold!
How are you doing?
Rubin right?
Look at him. He can't wait.
So, did you bring your trade-in?
Yes, a guy just took it away
a couple of seconds ago.
Well, let's get to it, then.
We were worried that the new car
might not be ready yet.
We're on our way to California
in the morning...
...big vacation, the whole family,
Walley World...
Walley World? Very exciting, Clyde.
Well, there she is.
Right here. The wagon.
Dad, this is not the car you ordered!
Take it easy, Rusty.
Ed, this is not the car I ordered.
I distinctly ordered the Antarctic Blue,
Super Sportswagon...
...with the C.B. and the optional
Rally fun pack.
You didn't order the Metallic Pea?
Metallic Pea? No, Antarctic Blue.
The Sportswagon.
This isn't even the right model!
You know, I think you're right.
I don't think this is the car.
This is the new
Wagonqueen Family Truckster.
This is a fine automobile,
if you want my honest opinion.
It beats the hell out of
the Sportswagon but...
...I want to make you happy.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
Mr. Griswold ordered a blue Sportswagon.
Where is it?
I don't know, sir.
I know what must have happened!
It didn't come in!
Ed, I'm not your ordinary,
everyday fool. Okay?
Now, I'd like my Antarctic Blue
Super Sportswagon right now.
If you can't get it for me,
I'm going to take my business elsewhere!
Where's my old car?
I'm just as upset as you are.
Believe me.
Get Mr. Griswold's car back!
Bring it back here!
And I can get you the wagon,
there's no problem there.
The problem is, it might take six weeks.
Now, I owe it to myself
to tell you, Mr. Griswold...
...if you're thinking of taking
the tribe cross-country...
...this is the automobile
you should be using.
The Wagonqueen Family Truckster.
You think you hate it now,
but wait until you drive it.
I don't want to drive it.
I just want my old car back, okay?
I'm not falling for this bit.
No way. Let's go, Russ.
Clark, is that the right car?
No, it isn't, honey. I changed my mind.
They flattened our old car
like a pancake.
Are you serious?
Is this really our car, Dad?
What happened? I thought we were
going to get the little Sportswagon.
Oh, no!
The Sportswagon's much too small.
Besides, I got a great deal on this one.
Believe me, we're taking
the whole tribe across country.
This is your automobile.
Why is it still running?
Oh, all new cars do that.
I'll take care of that in a second.
You may think you hate it now,
but wait until you drive it.
An air bag!
You know, Clark, it's not too late
to fly out to California.
We only have two weeks.
Let's not get into that again,
sweet pie. Please?
Lots of families fly, Clark.
Especially cross-country.
The idea of a family vacation
is to be together as a family.
On a plane, you put on earphones
and you're lost in your own world.
It's a very long drive, Clark.
I'm looking forward to a long drive.
You get to see the kids all the time!
I only see them a few minutes
in the mornings and evenings...
...and a few hours on the weekends.
Someday I'll wake up and realize
my babies have grown up!
And then what?
I just thought it would be
easier to fly.
Nothing that is worthwhile
is easy, Ellen.
We know that.
Do you want to see the trip plan?
Not now, we're playing a game!
Okay, shut off the video games.
Come on, Russ. Shut

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