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Subtitles translated and created by
Leon aka Smitty, Riga, 2006
OK, quickly, we are setting
everything on fire.
I will put gazoline on top and you
should fill through the windscreen.
Put more inside, so the cockpit
would burn entirely.
Wait, Dimon, if it's without an alarm,
I'll take her to me.
Do we want to punish that guy,
or do you need a 'Boomer'?
We'll punish this businessman anyway,
if I'll take this Boomer to me.
Kostyan 'KOT' ('Cat') -
Leha 'KILLa' -
Director of cinematography -
Composer - Sergey Shnurov
(rock band LENINGRAD)
So, what?
- Built in alarm, has fired.
Now, if this jerk won't wake up,
we'll take her.
OK, let's go.
Come on...
Come on, bitch!
Director -
Latvian car plates... ;)
Look, does it looks good?
- Normal.
Will finish in a week.
- Look, new plates.
It's a 2 day's work.
I'm just way too busy.
Don't rush up, do it
carefully. I want to keep it.
So, listen, I got some problems,
need your help. - What's going on?
Nastja, come on,
we have just decided everything.
I am just talking.
But I am very serious about this.
Hallo, is it you, Oshparennij?
Kostyan, I got in a situation.
On the way home, bumped on some
crazy idiots.
So, it's difficult, I mean,
they threw me away from my MERCEDES.
Got to meet them at
6 o'clock.
Come one. We are now with RAMA.
LYOHA will arrive soon.
Alright, I'm going. Will pull you...
- What 'pull you'? Are you drunk?
So, it's all again?
- Yeah.
Dimon blew his tire,
I need to get there to help him.
Need to pull car till service.
I will go out for an hour.
At least see the guys
last time.
Why do you need this?
- It's belongs to LYOHA KILLA.
Need to give it back?
So, what's we gonna do,
if they are not here?
I have heard they speaking
about a place.
Here they are.
Come on.
- Bottom's up...
Listen, what's your name?
Hey look, this moron's here,
came to beg us.
Who is the 'moron'?
Why are you setting this up?
What are you thinking?
- Are your talking to me?
What the fuck are you...?
- Easy! - Sit down!
What are you doing bitch!
- You fuckers!
Stop, mothefuckers, stop now!
Everybody, calm!
Let him go! Move it!
Hey you, why you got up?
Sit down, bitch.
Don't move! Quickly!
I haven't finished changing
chassis number! Need more time...
So, what's gonna do?
- Why you haven't finished?
We need to take car anyway.
We have situation,
we are without car now.
Listen, fuck with chassis number,
nobody will be checking it, anyway.
Ok, now I'll put everything up
and you'll take her.
So what, everything's alright?
Not exactly.
Why are you so freaked?
We just escaped from some
'kids on bikes'.
They followed us.
Somebody sneaked that we've visited KULIBIN.
Cops visited KOT's mother.
How they sniffed us so fast?
How? Your car left there.
They could seen plates on my scrap too.
...or these morons framed us.
We need to go down for
a couple of weeks.
I've called Sanich,
we'll visit his summerhouse.
I think it's serious. Have you got
guns? - Everything's alright.
Got 'TT' and 'MAKAROV'. - What about
GLOCK? - No bullets.
It's you, on recent barbeque
both clips have emptied.
Fucking freak!
So, we'll stop or not?
- No. Let's go...
He's talking someone's on the radio.
Good evening.
Leutennant Zavazalski.
So, commander,
sorry. Our fault.
No, you've done nothing.
Commander, what are problems?
We are sorta rushing.
So what?
Follow me.
Open engine.
Why do we need to show engine...
Cop's, bitch!
Nobody will open this
damn engine now.
Wha's been there? - Had to give all
cash to him.
He's been crazy,
Asked for a 15 grands.
It was hard but we managed to
get away with 1000 bucks.
Fucking nobody will get
to engine, won't be able to open.
And how you gonna fill oil?

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