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It has begun.
It's all right.
- Nicotinehead in the bathroom.
- I've got it.
Ma'am? Open the door.
Open the door.
I can't.
Everything's going to be OK.
Oh, God, no!
If I make friends
and we have to leave,
I'll just have to make new friends
all over again somewhere else.
- Won't I?
- Yeah.
Is that you,
or is your pack full of rocks?
- You didn't answer my question.
- Go ahead and make friends, sweetie. It's OK.
My friends in Seattle,
are they still my friends?
They'll still be your friends,
just like Daddy has old friends here.
But can we paint our new house yellow?
We'll see.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi, Grandma. Hi, Grandpa.
- You have a good day.
- I will.
- I'll pick you up later.
- OK. Bye.
- Hi, Tom, Justine.
- Morning, Frank.
Good morning. Thank you.
You've saved me a lot of backtracking.
We'd be happy to keep Jordan over on week
nights if time's that important to you, Frank.
- You know how much we love her.
- Yes, I do.
- I'll pick you up before dinner.
- OK.
Don't forget to buckle up.
Bye, Daddy.
Palmer? You Palmer?
Special Agent Baldwin.
How about bringing me up to speed?
We've located the voice and data recorders
on a wooded slope just about two miles west.
We should have them within 45 minutes.
- How soon before we get them transcribed?
- Two hours.
We are looking for evidence of a crime
under the suspicion that this airplane
did notjust fall out of the sky.
They never do, Agent Baldwin.
And as soon as we have evidence of anything,
you'll be the first to know.
How you doing with all this?
You imagine it...
you think you can...
but not like this.
I got a scene that's pretty much intact,
but it won't stay that way long,
so every minute counts out here,
all right?
I'm fine.
- I'm just not used to the smell.
- Shallow breaths with the diaphragm.
Stop worrying about
your performance rating, Barry.
Stop worrying about me.
What you don't understand is there are people
responsible for what happened to Catherine,
When your wife died,
you said you felt you had betrayed her,
This was not a naturally occurring
phenomenon, This was a murder,
Not just of my wife, but of everyone that got
killed out there in that outbreak, Everyone,
- Why do you think this is so...?
- What?
- Tell me why you think this is...
- I'm not here to educate you,
Why are you here, Frank?
You're here because you have people
who need you to get well,
I'm not so sure I want to this time,
How do you feel, seeing that?
Five months, Frank.
That's not much time to come so far.
I feel like everything is moving slowly.
I feel unconnected.
- You're back at work.
- No.
Consulting. That's just an excuse to justify
my being here at these therapy sessions.
The Bureau felt you should
have time to deal with your loss.
I think I've taken enough time.
Frank, you've had a terrible tragedy
in your life.
No matter how well you think you are,
you have got to go slow.
This way.
We're lucky for the trees.
At 30,000 feet, this thing's buried so deep,
we'd never find it.
It all comes raining down
and we get to put it back together.
OK, people, looks like we got ourselves
a crime scene. Let's get some prints.
I don't care!
"No comment", that's all you say.
Because we don't have a statement.
If we don't have a statement, you don't
have to worry about issuing one. All right?
- Sounds like a reasonable strategy.
- This plane crash in the Sierras,
they found a weapon, the press is all over it,
not to mention the interagency crap.
- Who's out there?
- Barry Baldwin. Good soldier.
More ambition than instinct.
He's a first-timer on something like this,
but, right now, he's the best I got.
How are you, uh... doing, Frank?
Better. I feel pretty good.
I can tell. You're practically jumping up,
clicking your heels.
I want to move on, Andy.
- What do they say?
- That I'm not ready.
Well, when you are, tell me.
I have a lot to thank you for
and I'm not


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