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ParisVladimir Grigoriev
& Catherine Dussart present
Vladimir Mashkov
A film by
Pavel Lounguine
Day of Plato's death
A rapid deployment force burst into
the headquarters of Infocar.
What's going on here?
As you can see,
they refuse to comment.
Perhaps you will talk to us,
after all?
No filming!
This action is obviously linked
to the charging
of the founder of Infocar,
Plato Makovski.
The State wants to show
that it no longer needs oligarchs,
especially rebellious oligarchs.
Here, we see Communists celebrating
over the government's actions.
Pack your bags! Go live in Israel!
Why did you speed up the search?
You want the glory, don't you?
Bravo, now you've got it.
I wanna punch you out.
Just try and see what happens.
I'm afraid I'd miss.
I'm getting old.
I didn't start all this.
So, who did?
Who took the initiative, huh?
Here's some good advice:
don't try to find out.
The less you know,
the better you'll sleep. Got it?
Screw you.
Stop robbing the people,
Plato Makovski!
Who are your real bosses,
Mr Makovski?
Makovski, in prison!
According to Forbes, you're one
of the world's 100 richest men.
You have a fortune of $5 billion.
But it's not enough
to spare you these humiliations.
'Cause we're in Russia.
Is this search connected
with the Infocar affair?
Look, kid,
this is a tissue of lies.
My only crime
is being a free man.
Will you emigrate?
Let them wait 'n' see!
I'm a politician,
not a businessman.
Prison is part of the game.
But is your empire in danger?
Yes, but look at this party:
it's a masked ball! Such fun!
- Can I give you a lift?
- I have my car.
We are continuing our series
of investigations
entitled "Dressed Up or Down".
Here is a presidential candidate,
the Governor of Northern Siberia,
Nikolai Lomov.
If you thought he was in the sauna,
you were wrong.
The Governor has
a very personal way
of receiving
his female voters at home.
Control room! Cut that!
A terrible event
has just occurred.
We have just received a dispatch.
20 minutes ago,
Plato Makovski, Infocar President,
was assassinated.
A daring assassination
was carried out
on one of Russia's
leading entrepreneurs.
Today at 3:40 PM,
the Mercedes which was taking
Plato Makovski to his dacha
was the target
of several anti-tank missiles.
At the moment, the authorities
are refusing to comment.
But our sources
at the FSB declared
that he was accompanied
by a bodyguard
and his chauffeur.
That calls for a drink.
Is everyone like that in Moscow?
In Moscow? Everyone!
...are having trouble
identifying the bodies.
This is the 13th
assassination attempt on
Plato Makovski.
The 13th proved fatal.
Vladimir Zalatinski,
Info-TV, Moscow.
I know one thing...
It's no way to behave.
Am I right?
I can turn the compliment around:
you were the one who said
he needed seeing to.
Everyone said so.
- What're you looking at me for?
- No reason.
Vassili Vassilevich...
- Hi. Have you heard?
- Yeah.
You're as silent as the grave.
I'll tell you something:
one of you killed him.
It doesn't matter who did it.
We all dreamed of doing it.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm no Judas.
Stop it.
How did it happen?
An anti-tank missile.
A Russian or Western one?
See, we can do good work!
That judge from the Urals...
what's his name again?
- Chlykov?
- Chmakov.
Yes, that's it.
Why was he sent for?
Don't we have enough of our own?
No, it was a good idea:
a provincial judge
who isn't involved
in any Muscovite scams.
He was to bring him down
for being in breach of the law
and have him sentenced.
That's the dictatorship of the law:
oligarch or not,
if you're caught
with your finger in the pie,
- you go to jail.
- Right.
Except that the jail is empty.
We have to find the guy who did it.
But I don't think
that Chmakov is the man for the job.
Nor do I.
Then... he must be replaced.
We'll replace him.
Aren't you

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