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Let's jump, like we said!
Use a ladder and
you're stupid and a chicken.
- Go on, Vityok. You're next.
- Why me?
- Scared?
- Go on, go on...
- It's scary!
- Don't chicken out!
Don't hurt your armpits!
- Andrei, let's use the ladder.
- You want to be called a chicken?
What if something happens?
Quiet! You jump after me, got it?
- Did you hurt your armpits?
- No.
Come on, Shorty. Jump!
Hey! What's wrong?
If you're scared, climb down.
We're not waiting!
Wait! He's jumping!
He just needs to focus!
jump! Come on!
Andrei, let's go!
It's already late!
Jump or climb down!
To hell with you then!
Vanya, my son!
Mum! Mummy!
I told you not to come here!
Oh Lord!
- Get dressed.
- I can't.
- Let's go home!
- I can't.
- Why?
- I have to jump.
- I can't climb down.
- Why?
If I climb down,
they'll call me stupid and a chicken.
No one will know! Don't worry!
But you'll know
I climbed down instead of jumping.
Don't be silly, I won't tell anyone.
You can jump another time.
- Really?
- Of course.
Mum, I was sitting here
and I was scared.
If you hadn't come, I'd have died.
Don't be silly, dear!
Really, I'm here with you!
Hello everyone!
We don't talk to chickens.
- What? Who's a chicken?
- You! A stupid chicken.
You're a chicken. aren't you?
Go on, Andrei, what is he?
A chicken.
- Got it?
- You're a jerk!
- You ripped my shirt, arse!
- You busted my lip, idiot.
Mum'll kill you!
Go on, catch me! Go on!
Mum! He ripped my shirt!
He's lying! He busted my lip!
- Hush, both of you.
- Mum...
I said quiet! Dad's sleeping!
Who's sleeping?
Your father.
Go in.
That's definitely him.
Pour them some wine.
Well, hello.
Hello, Dad.
Let's drink.
Like it?
Not really.
I liked it.
Can I have some more?
That's enough. Eat.
- Is that your car in the yard?
- Yes.
- Will you give us a ride?
- Of course.
- We're going on a trip.
- Really?
Really. Tomorrow morning.
- Really, Mum?
- Really, son.
- Are we going fishing?
- Of course, if you want.
Listen, Shorty!
- What?
- Did you put the sinkers in?
- You packed them yourself.
- Right.
Did you see how big he is?
Probably works out.
- Where did he come from?
- He just came.
- Aren't you happy?
- Yes, I'm happy.
But Mum said he's a pilot.
Doesn't look like one.
Well, you know how pilots are.
Uniforms, their caps...
He's on holiday,
why would he wear a uniform?
Did you pack the camera?
Yes, and a notebook.
What for? Homework?
To keep a diary, stupid!
We'll take turns.
Yes, we can keep a diary!
What's all this talk?
Why aren't you sleeping?
Alright, Mum. We'll sleep.
What did you put in here, bricks?
- You'll be home in two days!
- We need all that!
Alright. Sleep.
Where did he come from?
He just came.
Get to sleep, you're getting up early.
- What?
- "What, Dad?"
You should say, "What, Dad".
What... Dad?
That's better. What's the problem?
Are you ashamed of calling
your father "Dad"?
- No...
- Don't lie to me!
I'm not lying!
Call me Dad, like a son should!
Got it?
- Yes, Dad!
- Well done, son.
- Andrei, where are we?
- Are you awake, Shorty?
I thought you'd sleep the whole way!
- You're the one who slept the whole way.
- What?
Are we there yet?
I think another thirty kilometres.
- Who's he ringing?
- How should I know?
- I'm hungry.
- Hold on.
The town's not far, we'll eat there.
Dad said so.
- Dad did?
- Yes.
But I'm hungry now!
Ivan, get the flask from the rucksack.
Not there, in the pocket!
Thank you.
Drinking and driving?
- Yes, want some?
- No.
Don't take a picture of that rubbish!
Take a picture of me.
Hang on.
- Dad, the cafe's closed.
- I can see.
Andrei, go find out where we can eat.
- How?
- Ask someone, stupid!
Hurry, get moving!
- Where's Andrei?
- I'm

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