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in association with
Cinematography service
and RF Ministry of Culture
a ''2-B-2'' lNTERTAlNMENT Studio
Fyodor Mikhailovich
Yevgeny Mironov
as Prince Muishkin
List of actors:
Vladimir MASHKOV
Vladimir lLYlN
Alexander LAZAREV
Andrey SMlRNOV
Scriptwriter and director:
Vladimir BORTKO
Dmitry MASS
Production Designers:
Music by
Part One
l need to tell you,
Nastasia Philipovna,
that my position
is absolutely intolerable.
Naturally, l am to blame
for everything.
But l admit: l don't feel
remorse for my conduct.
l am a man of sensual
with no power over myself.
But now l wish
to marry.
And the fate of this
most desirable social union
is in your hands.
ln one word, l ask you
to forgive me
from the generosity
of your heart.
For me, it is definitely
harder of speak of this
than for
Afanasy lvanovich.
l admit your right to be
the arbiter of his destiny.
But now l speak as a father,
who cares about the fate
of his eldest daughter.
Her fate, and, maybe,
the fate of both my other
depends on your
What do you wish me to do?
l was so frightened by you,
when 5 years ago
you decided to come
to St. Petersburg,
that l will never
feel comfortable,
until you get married
This suggestion from me
would be absurd,
unless l note
that a certain young
gentleman of good family,
Gavrila Ardalionovich
to whom lvan Fyodorovich
is a benefactor,
has long loved you
and hopes for some response.
lt is difficult for me
to speak of this,
but l trust,
you will not look upon me
with contempt,
if l offer,
in order to guarantee
your successful marriage,
a gift of 75 thousand roubles.
This sum would have been
left you in my will.
ln a word, it is not
an indemnification.
But, after all, there is
no reason why a man
should not entertain
a natural desire
to at least somehow lighten
his conscience?
l am very happy.
And l believe the issue
is closed.
Yes, but could there be
a snake hidden in the flowers?
By the way, is it true,
lvan Fyodorovich,
that you have just bought
a necklace on Nevsky
at an incredible price?
Absolute nonsense,
Afanasy lvanovich.
What absolute nonsense!
Thank God
for that.
Believe me, lvan Fyodorovich,
before you stands a man
who in his time
had abandoned himself
to passion.
Does General lvan Fyodorovich
Epanchin live here?
- ls this the General's house?
-Whom should l announce?
Prince Lev Nikolayevich
From abroad.
To see the general?
- l have certain business.
- l'm not interested in that.
All l have to do
is announce you.
Are you actually
from abroad?
You wanted to ask if l'm
actually Price Muishkin,
but refrained
out of politeness.
l assure you it's true
and you will not have
to answer for me.
ls to my clothes,
my circumstances are
not very rosy.
You've not come to beg,
have you?
Oh, no, rest assured,
l have a different matter.
Wait in the waiting room,
and leave your bundle here.
lf you don't mind, l would
rather sit here with you.
l should prefer it
to sitting alone.
You can't sit here,
you are a visitor.
Wait for the secretary
in the waiting room.
lf l have to wait long,
do you mind telling me,
if l could have a smoke?
l'm used to it, and haven't
had a puff for 3 hours.
Smoke? No, you can't smoke
You must be ashamed
of the very suggestion.
Oh, of course!
Not in this room, of course,
l'd adjourn to another room.
just as you like.
You know the saying:
when in Rome...
How on earth am l
to announce a man like that?
Leave your bundle here.
l've already thought of that.
lf you don't mind.
You know, l'll leave
my cloak here, too.
Yes, you can't go in like this.
ln winter, your rooms are

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