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A beginning...
is a very delicate time.
Know then, that it is
the year 1O.191.
The known universe is ruled by the
Padishah Emperor Shaddam the Fourth,
my father.
In this time, the most
precious substance in the universe...
is the spice, melange.
The spice extends life.
The spice
expands consciousness.
The spice is vital
to space travel.
The Spacing Guild
and its navigators,
who the spice has mutated
over 4,OOO years,
use the orange spice gas,
which gives them
the ability to fold space.
That is, travel to any part
of the universe...
without moving.
Oh, yes.
I forgot to tell you.
The spice exists on only one planet
in the entire universe.
A desolate, dry planet
with vast deserts.
Hidden away within the rocks
of these deserts are a people
known as the Fremen,
who have long held a prophecy...
that a man would come,
a messiah,
who would lead them
to true freedom.
The planet is Arrakis,
also known as Dune.
LoS PiRaTaS 2003
*** by Kurgan ***
A secret report
within the Guild.
Four planets have come
to our attention...
regarding a plot which could
jeopardize spice production.
Planet Arrakis,
source of the spice.
Planet Caladan,
home of House Atreides.
Planet Giedi Prime,
home of House Harkonnen.
Planet Kaitain, home of the Emperor
of the known universe.
Send a third-stage
guild navigator to Kaitain...
to demand details
from the Emperor.
The spice must flow.
Irulan, you must leave.
A third-stage guild navigator...
will be here within minutes.
We felt his presence.
I shall want telepathy
during his visit...
and a report
when we're finished.
I am your Truthsayer,
my lord.
He's here, my lord.
The Bene Gesserit witch
must leave.
Leave us.
Yes, my lord.
We are alone.
We have just folded space from Ix.
How was your journey?
Many machines on Ix.
New machines.
Oh? Yes.
Better than those on Richese.
You are transparent.
I see many things.
I see plans within plans.
I see two great houses,
House Atreides,
House Harkonnen, feuding.
I see you behind it.
You must share with us.
The Atreides House
is building a secret army...
using a technique unknown to us.
A technique involving sound.
The duke is becoming
more popular in the Landsraad.
He could threaten me.
I have ordered House Atreides
to occupy Arrakis to mine the spice,
thus replacing their enemies,
the Harkonnens.
House Atreides will not refuse
because of the tremendous power
they think they will gain.
Then, at an appointed time,
Baron Harkonnen
will return to Arrakis...
and launch a sneak attack
on House Atreides.
I have promised the baron five legions
of my Sardaukar terror troops.
So the Harkonnens
will rid you of House Atreides.
One small point.
Here it comes.
We ourselves perceive
a slight problem...
within House Atreides.
Paul. Paul Atreides.
You mean, of course,
Duke Leto Atreides, his father.
I mean Paul Atreides.
We want him killed.
I did not say this.
I am not here.
I understand.
Why would they want
the duke's son killed?
We must have a look
at Paul Atreides, on Caladan.
The powerful Bene Gesserit sisterhood
for 9O generations...
has been manipulating
to produce the Kwisatz Haderach,
a super being.
On Caladan, Jessica,
a member of the sisterhood...
and the bound concubine
of Duke Leto Atreides,
had been ordered
to bear only daughters.
Because of her love
for the duke...
she disobeyed
and gave birth to a son...
Paul... Paul Atreides.
Here we are now, Caladan.
And 19 light-years beyond,
beyond Bene Tleilax.
The training planet
of the Mentats, the human computers.
Know a Mentat
by his red-stained lips.
There. Arrakis.
Spice mining.
Carryalls lower
the harvester to the sand...
and lift it off to safety
when a worm attacks.
Worms attack
all rhythmic vibrations.
Weather. See storms.
No precipitation.
Never one drop of rain on Arrakis.
And the Harkonnens are near.
There. Giedi Prime

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