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OwI'm up!
- Ah.
- Phillip, it's 7:00. Are you awake?
Up and ready for a new day.
- Oh!
- Oh what a beautiful morning
Oh what a beautiful day
- I can't find my socks.
- They're in your shoes.
- Where are my shoes?
- They're on your feet.
Thank you.
Thank you, Weber.
- Have you seen the paper this morning?
- Oh, yes, I did.
You know, if I could solve
this whole metastable compound business,
I could save the college.
A new energy source
would be worth a fortune.
You better hurry up. The loan's due
at the end of the school year.
Not to worry, Weebo.
I'm very close.
May I see my schedule, please?
Ahhhh. After school
there's something.
I know there is. What is it?
- This is your complete schedule.
- Hmm. Let's see.
Unless you didn't
tell me something.
What is it? There's something.
There's something there.
What is it? Oh.
It's something to do with white.
Oh, what is it? I know it's
something important. I know it!
Well, I don't know. I'm sorry.
I know it's so frustrating, isn't it?
I just hate that.
I wish I could help you.
- But I can't.
- Haircut!
Ha! Hmm!
They can't just
close down the school.
Outside of the lvy League,
name me one private college...
or university that isn't
in financial trouble.
Oh, all right. Name another.
- You don't think it's too much?
- No. It's elegant.
And it's a wonderful idea to go
with the big wedding this time.
It does put the pressure
on the professor to show up.
If he forgets this time,
that's it.
Well, in his case,
once is justifiable...
and twice is understandable,
but three times--
Coming through!
Morning-- or afternoon,
whatever the case may be.
We have a lot to talk about today,
so let's get into it without delay.
Oh! Oh, uh, thank you,
whoever gave me the plate of fruit...
and the dead pheasant,
but it does not count
as extra credit.
Last time we were talking about
Newton's Law of Gravitation.
To review: We see this "G"
is like the "C" in E=MC squared.
It's a constant, constant universe,
as much as anything
is constant in the universe.
It's saying that the force of
attraction between two bodies...
is in direct proportion to
the product of their masses...
and in inverse proportion to the square
of the distance between them.
An example would be-- Let's make, uh,
naked man, "M-1." Naked lady, "M-2."
Now, according to this formula,
their attractive forces...
would want to close
the distance to zero.
Why don't they? Hmm?
The Earth! Ah.
So, in essence that is
gravity and this...
is "Dr Richards Life Drawing."
It's not my class, is it?
Phillip! Over here!
Sara! Ooh! Very sorry.
And so, momentum.
May I sit here? Thank you.
Hello, Sara.
What a pleasant surprise.
- Hello, Ruthie.
- Martha.
- Martha what?
- Martha. Me Martha.
You Martha. Me professor.
- Yes, I know.
- I was just gonna, you know,
grade my lunch, eat a few tests
and hope for the best.
- How do you hold it in?
- Well, like everybody else, Ruthie.
I just cross my legs real tight.
No. I was talking
about your excitement.
- Excitement?
- The wedding.
The wedding! Sara and l.
Oh, the wedding.
Oh, l'm looking forward to it.
Aren't you, honey?
- It's today.
- Are you sure?
- The wedding is today. Okay?
- I believe you.
6:30 at the Presbyterian Church
on Beach Street.
- I've been there.
- We had our rehearsal there last night.
That's right, we did!
It went well?
- Yes, it did, but it doesn't count.
- Good.
- No?
- The wedding counts,
and I want you to promise me...
on everything between us
that you'll be there, okay?
I'd rather die
than disappoint you.
Well, this is going to be
the very last time I try to marry you.
I imagine so.
I know that I love you,
but l'm not sure
that you can love me.
That's ridiculous.
I love you with all my heart.
With every cell, with every
molecule, with every atom.
I love you on a subatomic level.
Hmm! Prove it to me
tonight at 6:30.
Prove what,

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