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StasVladimir Mashkov
Ekaterina Rednikova
Misha Filipchuk
film by
Pavel Chukhrai
The Thief
I was born right after the end of the war
in the 1946
My mother was heading to kins and...
...she gave me birth right on the road
I've never seen my father
He returned home from the war
wounded in many places
And he died 6 months before my birth
But I was thinking about him
during all my childhood
I was trying to picture him all the time
The Thief
I was 6 in 1952
My memory mixed up what I saw
and what I understood later
But the train me and my mamma had taken
I remembered forever
Play what?
Hearts, hearts...
I don't have hearts
What do you want?
Can I go up?
No, no
Maa, but it's nobody's!
But maybe somebody new will show up
Tell me, Ma, who has Queen?
Jack or King?
That's all! I'm tired.
Let's play again
Playing cards?
That's how we do
Come on
Oh, God!
Where are you going without shoes?
What's up there?
The women was robbed
These people!
Sit here!
I will go and you stay here
But Ma, please!
Come here, dupe
Watch over bagatelles.
I'm sorry
Stop crying. It's too late
Let's smoke
No way
Whatcha name?
Where are you going?
Well... I don't know
We became friends with Tolya
in some small town
Mother told me we were going to live together now
and that I must call him 'papa'
We were wandering from house to house for a very long time...
trying to rent a room or at least a corner
Do you have any room for rent?
Accountant lives here, general and his girl live there
-Here is the kitchen
There is a bathroom, bathroom there
Actress lives here
Me and my housband live here
There Varvara teaches how to play bayan
And there our alcoholic-woman lives, but she is quiet
This room isn't mine
It belongs to my sister Anna
she went away for treatment
And my name is Grandma Tanya
-Grandma Tanya
Unfortunately I can pay you only in several days
Passports are still in commandant's office, well you know, it's army
It's ok. Pay when you can.
You are family man and also military man what's more important
Hope you won't cheat
-Thank you
-It's ok
It's ok...
What's wrong with you Sanya? Uh?
It's all right now
He is going to sleep now
And the chairs won't slide apart because father will tie them
He was smothering you
No, no
I heard everything
It was a dream
I will sleep here!
You wish
Cover yourself quick!
I will be with mommy
Now listen me carefully. I will sleep here.
And if you say a word I'll throw you out of the window
You don't believe me?
Want some?
Shh, It's ok, don't worry
Drive in nail
So I can hang clothing on
Ok, I'll do it myself
Well, what is this?
This is for you.
I bought it in the market
For me?
For you
For me?
It doesn't fit
Don't interfere
That's it. Go for a walk
Let me go!
Be quiet. Or we will be evicted
You lied to grandma that passports are at commandant's office,
you didn't even go there
I had a vacation 2 more days
And then?
You will give them to the grandma and she will understand that I am not your wife
So what?
So we will be evicted
We won't
Is your name Sasha?
My name is Innesa Pavlovna
So that's you who is a alcoholic-woman?
I haven't drunk for a month
Time to go for a walk!
I won't go!
I don't want to live here!
They are fighting here!
What happened there?
We will sure be evicted...
Yeah, stop screaming!
Instead of complaining about these boys
you better hit'em back
There are 100 of them, uncle Tolya!
I'm not an uncle, I'm your father!
I said hit'em back
Hit'em back!
Hit them with everything you got.
Rend them with your teeth
Kick them with your legs.
But hit'em back. Or you are not a man.
Turn it off!
Come here...
Look what your boy have done!
It's awfull!
You shouldn't let them in with the child
This is not a floor-cloth
this is a towel

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