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We're back!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Give me the Black Beauty.
Alvin! Alvin! Alvin!
Alvin, take it easy out there.
You gotta share the spotlight.
You got it, Dave.
I'm serious, Alvin.
This is a charity benefit.
It's not all about you.
Sorry, Dave, I can't hear you over the
thousands offans screaming my name.
I'm back, Paris!
Yeah! A little help, boys.
Yeah, man!
Alvin, will you please get down
from there?
I can't hear you!
- Alvin, I'm not kidding!
- What?
Dave, look out!
This should help with the pain.
I wanna talk to my boys.
I just gave you a sedative that will
take effect in about one minute, so...
Well, let them in quickly.
- Dave!
- Dave, you're alive!
- Hey, guys!
- It was an accident, I swear.
- Are you okay?
- I'm really sorry, Dave.
I'll be fine. I'm just gonna be
stuck here for a while.
And until I get out,
I've made arrangements
for my Aunt Jackie
to come stay with you.
- Who's Aunt Jackie?
- The one who sends us
those metal buckets of yummy popcorn
for Christmas.
Oh, Popcorn Jackie.
You don't have much time,
monsieur Seville.
Listen, I want you guys to go home
and live a normal childhood.
I've even made arrangements
for you to go to school.
- School?
- Yes, school.
Simon, I'm putting you in charge.
- You are?
- I'm counting on you.
Dave, wait a minute. Why is he in charge?
He's counting on me.
Dave, please don't die.
He's just sleeping. He's had a sedative.
A sedative.
Excuse me.
I'm here to escort the Chipmunks home.
We're not leaving Dave.
I'm putting my paw down on this one.
You come here!
I got it. I'll fix it. Nope, made it worse.
- Please. Please go.
- Oh, this must be it.
The more stress you put
on monsieur Seville,
the longer it will take him to recover!
You are too slow for me, nurse.
- No! Don't...
- You'll never take me!
I'm not going anywhere without...
I hope for your sake he stays asleep
for the entire flight.
Maybe we should give him another shot,
just to be sure.
Any ideas on how we find Aunt Jackie?
Got it! Follow me.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Excuse me. Coming through.
Look! Aunt Jackie!
- Oh, yeah! Aunt Jackie!
- Popcorn Jackie!
- Oh, hello, dears!
- Cool wheelchair.
- Yay, we found you!
- Popcorn! Where's Simon and Theodore's?
There's plenty for everyone.
But let's have a hug first.
Get over here, you old teddy bear!
I'm not really much of a hugger.
Boys, I want you to meet someone.
This is my grandson Toby.
- Toby?
- Hi! I'm Theodore.
- Toby.
- What? What happened? What?
- The boys.
- Hey.
- Hi!
- Hey! How are you?
- I'm Toby. Nice to meet you.
- Toby's living with me
till he figures out
what he wants to do with his life.
Sofar, that means going
"pyu, pyu-pyu-pyu-pyu"
- with his thumbs all day.
- Well, for the record,
going "pyu-pyu-pyu-pyu-pyu"
with my thumbs right now
is keeping me in first place.
So that's important.
- Toby, get the bags.
- What bags?
- The luggage. Get the luggage.
- The... The... Right.
Yeah, let me get those. Sorry.
- Toby?
- Hit the brakes! Hit the brakes!
Abandon wheelchair!
I'm fine. Don't worry.
I'm so sorry, Aunt Jackie. I'm so sorry!
Is she gonna be okay?
Don't worry about me.
I'll be home in no time.
- In you go.
- I wouldn't be so sure.
What? It was an accident. I swear.
Been there, done that. Several times.
I guess you'll be taking care of us now.
I'll take "Frightening Thoughts"
for $500, please, Alex.
Not a problem. I cantotally do this.
I took care of my cat,
until he ran away. Well, "ran away"
is kind of strong wording.
I think he just wanted his space.
I still see him around
the neighborhood, you know.
He, like, hisses and claws at me,
but I think that's just his way
of saying we're still tight. You know.
You guys have nothing to worry
about, seriously,
'cause I'm not gonna be like Dave.
You know, Dave's gone.

- -

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