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Great day, guys.
Great day.
It s your day, Artyom.
I believe in you more than anyone.
Give us everything you can do.
No sweat.
Genghis Khan.
- It s hot here, Vagit.
- Sure.
Guys, it s time to go.
- The shows on.
- What was that?
It s time, guys. The TV crews
are getting restless.
- Gosh!
- Okay, here we go.
Move, move.
Gosh! Hes tops.
- Do you really, actually, know him?
- Not too close.
It s gonna be some fight.
And now, ladles and gentlemen...
12 rounds of boxlng
forthe champlonshlpof the world.
Show him what youve got, babe.
- Show him what youve got.
- Everything under control, Vagit.
Aint nobody home, babe.
- Mr. Hill, do you like Moscow?
- I love Moscow.
This is to be Kolchins
fight of a lifetime.
Never before has he had
such a strong challenger.
Palmer always wins by a knock-out.
It s the first time that two fighters
at this rank...
These fighters are gonna be history.
Excuse me.
- Yeah. Thank you.
- Look at this gentleman.
Ill get you ass whipped!
And, with a perfect
record of 42flghts...
Piece of shit!
...40 vlctorles comlng
In the way of knock-out...
ladles and gentlemen,
champlon of the world...
What is it? You OK?
I have a bad feeling.
I did something very, very wrong.
Yes, Kolchin is my personal
Yes. Twenty fights to his name,
and he is up against Palmer.
That s saying something.
Where have you been?
The trees dying!
No, Im talking to somebody else.
Do whatever it takes, but this guys
gotta be on form for the fight.
- Yes? Understand?
- Goodbye.
Somebody called me from your school.
Dad, the guy was asking for it.
What did I tell you?
Never hit them in the face.
It leaves marks.
Teachers are pests,
you dont want them on your back.
Aim for the liver or the solar plexus.
Where is the solar?
Full marks. Give it to me.
Hit me.
Dad! You OK?
Tough guy!
Jesus! Bye.
Hey, man. Sign it for my kid.
Where is he?
Hes studying in the UK.
Goes in for boxing too. Your fan.
- What s his name?
- Ivan.
- Give my regards to Vagit.
- You have a name?
Sasha Bely. Good luck for the fight.
Nice car.
You win, it s yours.
Well, here we go, champ.
You made it.
This is Moscow, babe.
Hello, Moscow!
Hey, Mr. Hill, what s up?
Hello, Mr. Hill.
How was your flight?
Well, it was a long flight,
but it s gonna be a short fight, babe.
Mr. Wild, babe!
Come on, champ.
- Welcome to Moscow.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Gazette of Moscow. Can you tell us
what s your prediction for the fight?
What s my prediction for the fight?
It s gonna be a knock-out, babe.
You want to keep your women
and your children home...
cause this is gonna be
for adults only.
My partner. My friend.
Good to see you, babe.
I can really... I thought
that you wouldnt come.
Oh, that was a joke, man. Come on.
Welcome to Moscow.
Please have it.
What s your opinion
on your future fight?
Ive come here to destroy.
Look up.
Keep looking.
- What breed is that?
- Whose breed?
The bears.
Bears are not dogs,
they have no breeds.
- Look straight ahead.
- Why is it blue then?
Keep looking.
Enough of the silly questions.
- Any knock-outs?
- No.
Never on the receiving end, I mean.
When were you last at an oculist s?
No idea. Why?
I see.
Ever get blurry vision,
flashes, bright spots?
I guess. When I catch it in the head.
So what s the matter?
You have torn retina.
Both eyes.
Youre kidding.
Ill be damned.
The picture was completed in 1885.
Weve got a retiring champion
versus a Great White Hope.
Perfect scenario for a 3-match pack.
First fight. Your boy fights like hell.
Almost takes the title,
but barely loses.
Perfect set-up for the rematch.
In Vegas, movie stars, celebrities,
you name them, we got them.
They all sat ringside, huh?
Fight of the year.
Fight of the year. Split decision.
Your boy wins.
Finally, we got the final


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