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Hey, what is this song?
- Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Who let this freak come in?
Throw him out!
You get money for that!
- Bagrov.
Danila Sergeevich.
Was born in 1975.
Vokzalnaya street, 22.
Place of work?
- l have recently served at he Army.
Where did you serve?
- ln the Army.
Will you join us?
- No.
You fractured his guard's arm and almost
knocked out his eye.
Had you not been sober, l'd have put you
in prison.
lf you do not find a job in a week
l will register you.
Did l really fractured his arm?
No, dislocated.
That who was crying,
who was he there?
What was the song?
- ''Wings'' by Nautilus.
Bagrov Sergei Platonovich,
was born in 1942,
Was killed in the prison in January
of 1982.
My classmate.
Do you have a compact-disk of Nautilus
What do you want? Get out of here!
Or l'll call the militia.
Would better chop wood than blow
your face.
You'd better stay in the Army.
Here, fool, you will be killed soon.
You still switch on your piece
of ironmongery!
Will die in the prison as your
good-for-nothing father.
The only hope l have is My Vitenka.
Probably an important person there
ln Leningrad.
Look at that, everybody small
is very pretty
- OK, l've seen.
But look once more!
Well, you'd rather go to your brother
in Leningrad.
l'll die soon, but he was there for you
instead of your father
lt's your blood.
He is the closest man to you
in all the world.
My Vitenka!
'Who hasn't been to Moscow
hasn't seen beauty.'
Chechen was dismissed.
lt's necessary to kill him.
He's taken all of the market.
Listen, what he says:
'Everything was mine in the past.'
He takes from our places.
At the meeting we
have come to the agreement.
Ours don't want the war,
but he is Paramon's relative.
This Chechen is here!
ln short, fifteen.
You know me, my prices are real.
This money, of course, are good
but for the Chechen...
Here l stick my neck out.
How much?
- Twenty. Ten now.
One week for preparation.
Tatarin is an insolent fellow.
He's taken a lot in advance.
Stay at the market, don't catch
his eye.
'Take burden for youself,
to fall not when you'll run.'
Miss, do you have ''Wings'' of Nautilus?
No. lt's sold out very quickly.
But come again, we'll have more.
Have you got anything else?
- Sure.
Here you are, ''Titanic na Fontanke''
with Grebenchikov.
And this is ''Account for ten years''.
''Friends sing the best songs.''
How much is this?
This is 75800, and this is 78000.
OK, assholes, how is it going?
You have got alarm clocks?
Well, everyone gives 50 now!
From you, nit! I said from you, nit!
And what did you think?
- But l haven't...
Confiscate goods!
l haven't sold anything yet!
- I said l'd confiscate!
But, sun, l, l... l've sold
l have sold nothing!
l have told you!
City? City is a terrible force.
And the bigger is the city,
the stronger is its force.
lt carries away. Only a strong man
can get out.
And so...
What is your name?
- Goffman.
- German.
A! Well l don't like Jews a lot.
What about the Germans?
- The Germans? OK.
What is the difference?
- Listen, why do stick to me?
Where have you taken me?
- My motherland.
My ancestors lie here.
Sit down.
Take it.
- Wait!
What is this?
- l got presents for my brother.
OK, it's not destiny.
Oh! Give me.
She is pretty.
Girl, how do you do?
Tickets, please.
No, ticket.
- Tickets, please.
No, ticket.
- Your tickets, please.
Listen, you are not Russian, do you?
l tell you in Russian:
l don't have ticket!
Pay a fine, please!
Listen, what fine? l am an invalid.
Pay a fine or show the ticket!
Listen, there is no truth in standing up,
Sit down.
But if you don't have tickets you
have to pay a fine.
Listen, don't you understand, do you?
Come on, come on!
Pay a fine!
Brother, don't kill!
Take the money, take everything,
do you hear?

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