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This is so beautiful.
You know it, Gary.
Look at her.
Do you know
what I'd like to do?
Shower with them.
Then we hit
the city, baby,
dead on,
for a little drinks,
a little nightlife,
We throw a huge party,
I mean huge party--
Everybody's invited,
women everywhere.
All these girls,
they're all there.
Naked bodies everywhere.
They'll know my name.
Nobody likes us.
Why are you messing
with the fantasy?
We know about
the reality.
Don't ruin
the fantasy, okay?
And then,
we're a hit, man.
We're popular.
We're revered.
Man, we're studs.
When the smoke clears,
those two dames
fall amazingly,
and totally in love
with us, Wyatt.
Check it out.
Check us out!
[Sound Of Heartbeat]
Look, we're
sorry about--
.`She's alive.`
.`She's alive.`
.` Weird science.`
.` Weird.`
.` Ooh.`
.` Weird science.`
.`Plastic tubes
and pots and pans.`
.`Bits and pieces.`
.`And magic from our hands.`
.` We're makin'
weird science.`
.` Ooh, things
l've never seen before.`
.`Behind bolted doors.`
.`And imagine,
it's my creation.`
.`ls it real?.`
.`lt's my creation.`
.`l do not know.`
.`No hesitations.`
.` Your heart of gold.`
.`ls flesh and blood.`
.`l do not know.`
.` Why do l know?.`
.`From my heart
and from my hand.`
.` Why don't people
.`My intentions.`
.` Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
weird science.`
.` Ooh.`
.` Ooh, ooh.`
.` Weird science.`
.` Things l've never
seen before.`
.`Behind bolted doors.`
.` Weird science.`
.`Bits and pieces
and bits and pieces.`
.`And bits and pieces.`
.` Weird.`.`
Where did your
parents go, anyway?
They're meeting the guy
my sister wants to marry.
Chloe? Who the hell
would marry Chloe?
He's studying
to be a vet.
Don't make a mess.
The maid doesn't come
till Monday.
How come your parents
suddenly trust you?
Chet's coming home
from college
for the weekend.
He's in charge.
Chet? Shit!
You should have
told me this
before I agreed
to sleep over.
How do you
put up with him?
If I don't,
he beats the shit
out of me.
It's a habit
he picked up
in military school.
He's very
protective of me.
Nice relationship.
There's nothing
to fear.
No blood, no decay.
Go on.
Fix the electrodes.
You'll have plenty
to be afraid of
the night's over.
The storm
will be magnificent--
All the electrical
secrets of heaven.
This time we're ready,
Let's have
one flnal test.
Throw the switches.
Here in this machine,
l have discovered
the great ray
that flrst brought life
into the world.
the flnal touch...
the brain
you stole, Fritz--
The brain of a dead man
waiting to live again
in a body l made.
It's not a bad idea.
ln 1 5 minutes,
the storm...
Making a girl.
Actually making a girl...
just like Frankenstein,
except cuter.
Nobody must come here.I
don't touch it.I
Sorry, doctor.
You're serious.
Look me in the eyes.
Do I look serious?
You're crazy.I
Crazy am l?
We'll see
whether l'm crazy or not.
Gary Wallace,
that's absolutely gross.
I'm not digging up
dead girls.
I'm not talking about
digging up a dead girl.
I'm talking about
your computer, idiot.
You can simulate stuff
on your computer.
Why can't we
simulate a girl?
I guess I

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