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Проверка на дорогах

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The krauts came and made
the old men dig up the potatoes.
The potatoes were buried
in a hole behind the village.
The krauts poured petrol
or something on them.
My nephew tasted the potatoes
and became ill.
He didn't die of that.
It happened later in January.
Oh my god! Then they returned
to the village.
Quite a show started!
They tried to drag our cow
off the yard -
but mother was
strong and fearless.
She grabbed a pitchfork and
struck the village eldest, that creep.
Mother was taken in for questioning
but she was soon let off.
She was hit with a baton.
She was all black with bruises
when she got home.
They took all the foodstuffs.
They did it to get people
out of the villages -
and to kill off the partisans.
They didn't care much
about what would happen to us.
I still have dreams about it.
I see my brother and
my sister and my friend.
Somer things to
reminisce about.
Trial on the Road
Wearing glasses.
Eat on, crook.
Chess pieces and all.
Officer... not too old.
Fox fur on the shoes.
They'd fit you.
Shut up!
End of the road, crook!
What are you looking at,
Let 'em have it!
Oh shit! That's our Rosa!
Where are you going, Rosa?
Are you living alone
in an empty village?
I'll live until I drop dead.
Is your husband on the front?
- He fled.
He's probably on the Volga by now.
Now it won't be any
easier for him there.
Haven't you anyone
else to talk with?
I don't need your pity.
A death patrol will
come tomorrow with more pity.
Damn it!
I'll show you yet!
Why are you loafing around here!
You bring me food rations,
petrol or flour!
You stop me from dying from hunger!
What are you looking at, poor devil?
Go to hell! I never
asked you to step inside my house.
Hдnde hoch!
Drop your rifle.
No tricks!
I'll let the air off you!
It'l feel cold lying in the dirt.
Get up!
Take it!
Here you go!
Move it!
Hey listen, don't tell the command
that you returned my rifle.
Did you hear me?
Keep chopping wood
but don't get married.
They blew up the petrol.
The cows got scared and
scattered in different directions.
You can't catch them.
Who? - The Avdejev brothers,
Kulikov and Suhorutskov.
It's a pity. - Pity the cows
for escaping.
Look at that, Mitka
has caught a Fritz.
He gave himself up
and gave his rifle.
A former junior sergeant
of the Red Army.
Aleksandr Lazarev.
The poor kid didn't
know enough to take everything.
You surrendered but hid a pistol
just in case.
Get a move on!
They have machine guns.
Why did you bring him here?
You should have shot him in the forest.
The kid thinks he'll
be decorated.
As soon as peace comes.
Hello, comrade woman.
We'll meet again, God permitting.
Well, God's own,
tell me your story.
But no lying. It gives me headache.
Could I have some tobacco?
I lost my own.
No, you can't.
There's not enough for ourselves.
So, who are you?
- I already told you, a junior sergeant.
Former. So you went
over to the German side?
That I did.
Why were you in the forest?
- Looking
for partisans. I wanted to surrender.
Did you do something disallowed on
their side? - I wanted to come here.
Look at that! A defector
with an ideology.
First there, then here.
You chose the wrong path.
A miscalculation.
I didn't choose.
The path found me.
Sweet Jesus that Asian can wail.
It breaks my heart.
Could someone continue on foot?
The gelding is all exhausted.
Just sit.
One more question.
How were you captured?
It's a long story.
- No hurry. Tell me.
We broke out of a siege
in August.
We'd been walking for
ten days.
We came to a village
and entered it.
We were mad from hunger.
The Germans came while
you were getting warm.
You were drowsy.
- How did you know?
It happens, I've heard.
You have a right not to believe.
We have a right to judge you
in the name of the people you betrayed.
I'm leaving you in the spring.
I'm an artillery man.
A rifle isn't
Проверка на дорогах

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