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EndThe Creative Union
of Comedy and Musical Films
Kin Dza Dza
Revaz Gabriadze
Giorgi Danelia
Giorgi Danelia
Paval Lebeshev
Aleksandr Samulekin
Theodor Tezik
Gia Kancheli
Yekaterina Popova
Assistant Director
Sergei Skripka
L. Bits
K. Gevorkyan
U. Yakovlev
what's new?
Manohin had a pipe burst at the factory
How's the star schoolboy?
He's out playing...
Vovka, pop out for some bread
- I forgot it, can you?
And I don't think there's enough macaroni
Comrade, that man says he's from another planet;
we need to do something.
Call 03
I will call  but he's barefoot - he'll catch cold
Hello. Excuse my bad smell. I'm cold.
I found this in an iron bin.
Friend! Tell me the number of your planet
in the tenture?
Or at least the number of your galaxy
in the spiral?
I got my contacts mixed up and now
I can't return home.
We don't know the number.
We forgot, my friend.
And now this lad will go and call information,
and we'll wait for him in the bakers, okay?
And put this on meanwhile...
Thank you...
Listen, my friends.
There's no need for the bakers...
no need for information.
This is my planet... 247 in tenture,
galaxy Beta, in the spiral.
With this machine you travel in space...
So which co-ordinates do I press
in order to travel home?
You see time is relative -
do you understand this?
Let me make a suggestion.
We'll just press this contact
and travel to your home.
But if this machine doesn't work,
then you travel with us to where
we want to take you, okay?
No, you can't...
You need to know...
Yes we can...
So what can you see? Eh?
So that gadget worked...
and that idiot, with his holes,
he stayed behind?
Dont worry...
There's the sun, there's sand,
there's gravity.
Where are we? We're on Earth. Or...
No, let's take it we're on Earth,
in some desert... So?
Karakumi? Eh?
What other deserts do we have?
Gobi, Sahara...
No, I said OUR deserts!
The only other one is the Kyzylkumi.
No. Let's take it that it's the Karakumi. Eh?
So that means...
The sun's in the west... so,
Ashabad is this way. Understood?
let's go!
Let's go... let's go!
Comrade, what's your name?
Vladimir Nikolaevich.
And I'm Gedevan.
Pleased to meet you...
You have a bottle in your bag,
is it wine?
No, it's wine vinegar.
And some herbs - coriander.
So we'll live well.
Vladimir Nikolaevich,
do you remember what number  was
given by the guy who took my socks?
Only maybe we're on the planet,
he came from?
Listen, Skripach! Whatever we guess,
it's all the same and wont change a thing!
Now we choose a direction and go.
The most important thing is to reach water.
Vladimir Nikoaevich,
I want to put my slippers on.
Well, put them on!
Then wait!
What's the time?
In the morning?
Are you late?
I feel uncomfortable...
I phoned the airport to say
I'd be there in an hour.
And here we are...
Are you studying at the conservatory?
No, it's someone else's. Professor Rogozina.
He gave a harvest concert for us,
and they forgot to put
the violin in the plane.
A banquet?
No, dinner...
Ah! Are you from Tibilisi?
No, Batumi.
I thought I'd return the violin,
and still have time to catch the train.
I study textiles in Ivanova.
So first I went to MGIMO to return it,
to the institute of international relations,
but they told me there that...
A man...
Do you know any languages?
English. Some French.
Tell them we have no money...
Tell them we can't pay them.
Hello! We are from a group of tourists
and we've strayed from the group.
Take us to the town,
and somehow we'll regroup.... .
Do you speak English?
Parle francais?
Do you speak English? Parle Francais?
...Sprechen Sie Deutch?
No money. Money, documents,
currency - all left with the tour guide.
So, that's


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