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Преступление и наказание

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ENDCrime and Punishment
No need to sniff it, soup's good.
What thing i am planning to do,
but what small circumstaces i am afraid!
Well, i am in debt
but anyway...after what am i now going?
Am i really capable...of "that"?
Yes, i amuse myself for fantasy's sake.
I even know how many steps are from here:
exactly eight hundred and thirty
People are most afraid of new step,
of new personal word they are afraid the most.
Yes, everything is in one's hands
and all goes past his nose because of his covardice...
You hatter! German hatter!
I knew that! Some folly like this,
some simple trivia can ruin everything.
Yes, hat's too conspicious,
i need peaked cap
otherwise this fool.....will notice and remember.
Just one lead...
Janitor of this house...
doesn't see, that's good.
Looks like someone's moving away from here.
Only one apartment is left
What's going on with me! My nerves are gone
completely weak.
Good day, Alyona Ivanovna.
Raskolnikov, student.
I came to you month ago.
What do you want?
Ah, see...i...
brought pawn.
Well, and previous pawn time's up.
Month is over already a couple of days.
I will give you interest from month.
Just bare a little bit.
And what is my good will, dear? -
to bear or to sell your thing right away?
Will you give much for the watch, Alyona Ivanovna?
You come with small articles, dear.
This doesn't cost anything.
Just give four rubles,
that's my fathers, i will buy out.
I will recieve [money] soon.
Ruble and a half. and percent onward...
if you want.
Ruble and a half...
That's right.
That's bureau,
must be upper chest.
But she has got another key in the bundle,
thrice larger than others.
It's definately not for bureau.
There must be another case or hideaway.
And, anyway, how mean it all is.
It's fifteen kopeck for this ruble from you,
and for previous two rubles another twenty kopeck
thirty five kopeck altogether.
Now you get ruble and fifteen kopeck for your watch.
Ruble and fifteen already?
Here you go.
I will come to you again
and bring good thing...silver cigarette-case.
And then we will talk, dear. Now go.
What tidiness.
Go, go!
Not a botch,
Lizaveta's work.
Are you home all alone?
And where is your sister?
What business do you have with her, dear?
Nothing special.
I just asked.
Goodby, Alyona Ivanovna.
Go, go, go!
Oh my god!
All this is disgusting
dirty...foul...disgusting disgusting
[drunk man singing]
Allow me, dear sir, to address you with decent talk?
Marmeladov, that's the surname.
Titular councillor.
May i know...do you work?
No, i study.
Student, that must be. Or former student.
I thought so.
Experience, dear sir, frequent experience.
Allow me...
Privation, beloved sir, is not a vice.
I know that boozing is not a benefactor,
that's even worse.
but poverty, good sir, poverty - that's vice.
Has it happend to you, young man,
to go and ask for a hopeless loan?
It has happened.
That is, what do you mean - hopeless?
That is completely hopeless,
knowing in advance that there is no way
you will get the money.
Well, why would he lend me money,
knowing i won't pay it back?
So knowing beforehand that he will not lend,
you all the same go and...
Then why go?
But if there's noone?
If there's nowhere else to go?
It must be so that every man
had at least someplace to go.
When...my own daughter
went by the yellow ticket
and my daughter lives by the yellow ticket.
Nothing, nothing, dear sir, nothing, let it be.
Although i'm a pig...
With knobs on!
although i'm a scoundrel
and Kateryna Ivanovna, my wife, exclusively educated,
daughter of an officer.
I married her already a widow with three children
youngest still on her hands,
crying, weeping, wringing her hands
she came.
There was nowhere else to go.
[drukn man singing]
And by that time my daughter, Sonya,
from my first marriage, grew up.
Well, she suffered from her stepmother,
Преступление и наказание

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