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SkyFuryLet me see
What's on cameras one and four.
Come on. I knoW you're here someWhere.
Three years I've been Waiting
to nail your sorry ass.
We might have something here.
Punch me up, please.
That's his bodyguard
Who's alWays With him.
And there's Cota.
Welcome to our little party. Page,
Cota has arrived. He's coming in noW.
He's wearing a cape and a silver mask.
Tell your men to keep their eyes open.
This is Page to all operatives.
Cota is on his way in.
Keep him under strict surveillance.
Holy shit!
Get a load of the melons
on the belly dancer.
OK, now just keep your eyes on Cota.
Finally you get Cota outside San Carlos.
This is gonna be
the biggest bust of the decade.
All right.
All agents are in position.
tell your agents to move in. Now!
Move in. Repeat, move in.
Ramon Cota,
you're under arrest for drug...
What the...?
Who the hell is this?
Oh, shit.
We've been set up.
Where's Cota?
Where's Ramon Cota, damn you?
I don't recognise you. If you can't shoW
me an invitation, I order you to leave.
Agent Page,
don't you know by now
that it's not possible to arrest me
or even disrupt my business activities?
But it is possible to annoy me and
I should treat you the same way
that I treated your colleagues, but
Iife can be so unexpectedly short,
Agent Page. So,
enjoy it while you can.
You laid the son of a gun, didn't you?
- Something Wrong?
- Hello, little lady.
Come here, bitch.
- Are you sure?
- I Was only teasing.
But our kid Will have
a loving mother and father,
and all the advantages that I can give him.
Him? Him. You've already decided
the baby's gonna be a boy?
With a stud like me, What else?
She could be a ballet dancer.
- That's all I need: two Wild Women.
- That might be exactly What you get, too.
HoW do you expect us
to eat this gook shit?
I see that look in your eye.
I'm not going to fight.
Listen, Charlie Chan...
You think you ought to help him?
Excuse me, guys.
Let me help you up, Mr Quon.
No, there's only three of 'em.
You Were trying the Wrong techniques
against these skinheads.
- No offence, guys.
- Who the fuck are you?
An elboW Would've been a lot better.
Come here.
Personally, Mr Quon,
I think your food is great.
Don't you?
- I didn't hear you.
- Yeah, yeah.
Then pay him and get the hell outta here.
When he left the table,
didn't he say he Wasn't gonna fight?
I didn't fight.
I gave a motivational seminar.
Miguel, I've missed you.
- HoW Was Rio?
- Fine.
Iet me have the figures
on the latest coca distribution.
We've had eight shipments
intercepted by the DEA in one month.
There is a spy in the organisation.
I Will conduct the investigation
personally, jefe.
This afternoon I Want you to fly to Miami
and see the distributors.
Stop right here.
Look at Papa.
Why is the girl not harvesting the coca?
She refuses to Work.
She fears the sun Will kill the baby.
Well, put her to Work.
Bad example for the others.
OK, put her to Work.
- Give me the baby.
- No.
- Jose.
- No, please don't.
No! My baby!
No! Stop!
Jose... Jose...
You Want your baby?
Get in the jeep.
My baby... My baby...
Take her to my bedroom.
But first give her a beautiful bath.
While she's there,
get rid of the baby.
General Taylor, Colonel McCoy
and Major Chavez are here.
- Good. Send them in.
- Yes, sir.
- Colonel McCoy.
- General.
Major Chavez.
This is George Fogerty. He heads
the Drug Enforcement Administration.
- Major.
- And John Page,
in charge of DEA activities in San Carlos.
- A real pleasure. HoW do you do?
- Let's take a Walk, boys.
Gentlemen, the floW of cocaine
coming into the US is becoming a War.
That damn drug has this country
in a stranglehold.
That's Why We need you
and the Delta Force.
The President
has made this a top priority.
I am to do Whatever is necessary
to curtail this problem.
Gentlemen, Ramon Cota,
the World's Wealthiest

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