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Раздел территории

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Hey, Souchak!
Hell of a column today!
Today you've gone too
far. What do you mean?
Stuff that good could get
an innocent person killed.
Ah, I'm not that innocent.
Don't let the dimple fool you.
Me! An innocent
person like me!
Hey. Hey. i
an I get you a chair?
Mr. Souchak, would you
be offended if, uh,
I asked you to buy your papers
at O'Leary's for a while?
I'll pay for 'em.
Hiya, Souchak.
Great piece, baby.
It's about time you said
that about me, Agatha.
See ya.
This is the agenda for the Buildings
committee meeting on Friday.
Yablonowitz has his f
ngers in items two and four.
Please. What for?
Ah, it's crazy,
Mr. Hellinger.
Every day I get hot stories,
the paper gets circulation,
chicago gets wiser,
you keep getting older.
It's not only crazy,
it's un-American.
I get that.
Yeah, well, you're a
good man, Mr. Hellinger.
ust don't run
for president.
Hey. i Okay, spider-Man.
come up here with me, Dad. Down.
You'd never get me up on one of those.
I get vertigo just standing on my toes.
Really? i, ve been that
way since I was his age.
Why don't you get on my shoulders?
Then you can get up there.
I haven't got
the height.
Home, James.
I'll be there.
sixteen refers to clause 9B of
the trucking deregulations bill?
That is correct, Alderman.
9B and, in view of which,
gentlemen, the contract renewal,
which is under this subcommittee, s
consideration is, at this time,
for the leasing
of specialized equipment,
therefore not subject
to competitive bidding.
Uh, I accordingly should like to
recommend approval of contract 44-KG,
city of hicago
ordinance P-17,
to Metro Machine Tools,
Now, as to the matter of the queries
raised by the Sherman committee,
item number one had to do
with their tax-exemption claim.
And item two,
the political principle...
that a ity Hall
connection exists...
with Metro, s
after due consideration,
we feel satisfied that all
three queries are inapplicable.
i, therefore, would like to accordingly call
for a vote on renewal of the Metro contract.
All in favor?
Unanimous. My granddaughter gave me
a pocket calculator for christmas.
I still don't get
a chance to use it.
Yeah? Right.
sun-Times. i Souchak does
it again! sun-Times. i
He's done it again.
The son of a bitch
has done it again!
Every goddamn day,
five editions a day. i
Me, my wife, and now the
Metro deal! Metro deal?
Don't you see it?
Right here.
Yeah, there it is!
Right here.
"Today's dirt. Dirt of the day." esus!
Okay, enough.
Listen, fellas.
I'd appreciate it if you'd f nd
out who's dishing it to 'im, okay?
You got it.
Say, you got a match, mister? Sure.
Hell, have the whole book.
Move, man!
Hey, man.
I've seen this one before.
You're what's-his-name.
That's right.
No shit. He is.
You're okay, man.
Yeah, man. You wrote some good
shit about our neighborhood.
Drexel Park.
I'm sorry about this, but
give me your wallet. Right.
You guys the Rasta Devils? Right again.
Now give me that watch.
What happened to Gilmore? Heard
he got bounced from the Heathens.
He was dipping in the
treasury. Norton had to cut him.
He just cut him.
That means everything north
of 55th Street is up for grabs.
What about
the block association?
This is interesting. What's
your name? I'm Franklyn.
That's with a "Y."
Franklyn curt. Man, you crazy?
Hey, man! What you tryin' to pull, man?
Oh, shit. The man. i
Let, s get out. i
Man, I didn't even open it. Why
don't you stall 'em? Five minutes.
How am I gonna know when
it's f ve minutes? My watch!
That, s all right. They didn, t take
anything. Aren't you Ernie Souchak?
That's right. I thought I recognized you.
Great piece today. That's what
Alderman Yablonowitz said to tell you.
Great piece.
You lost your badge.
Giving me one lousy cigarette doesn't
give you the
Раздел территории

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