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Десять негритят

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- Good afternoon gentelmen.
- If you go to Negro island
then take me with you.
- When weather is bad probably
it's very difficult
to moor to this isle.
- And when south-west wind blows,
It is impossible to moor.
- The island is cut-off from  a land
for a week or even longer.
- My name is Lombard, Phillipe
Lombard or just captain Lombard.
- Vera Klasorn.
- Have you been to these places
- No, never. I'm not even
aquainted with my mistress.
- Your mistress?
- Yes, I'm miss's Owen secretary.
- Doesn't it seem strange to you?
- Strange? No.
- Miss Owen secretary has
suddenly fallen ill,
and she wired an agency for
they could send someone else.
- I was recommended.
- What if you will not like here?
- So what?
It's temporary place,
-  only for holiday.
- I work at women's school constantly.
- In general, frankly to say, it's very
interesting to see
this Negro island,
it was written a lot in newspapers.
- At firts they said that American
movie star has bought it.
- Then - millionaire Owen.
- Who are they these Owens?
- Tell me please.
- Good evening gentelmen.
- Unfortunately, important
business has hold Mr. Owen up.
- He arrives only tomorrow.
- Interesting beginning.
- I was charged to carry out
all guests wishes.
- Whould guests like go to their rooms?
- The dinner will be served at 8 pm.
- It's late.
- There's a fuse in this house.
Yes, yes.
- Yes-yes...
- It is impossible, miss Brent.
- Everyone says so but then: "A-a-a..."
but to late to change then.
- May I help you.
- Excuse me sir but
you room is upstairs.
- I'll accompany you. Please.
- I hope you will find everything
you need here.
- I am miss's Owen new secretary.
- You probably know about this already.
- No, I know nothing about this.
- We just got a list of
ladies and gentelmen
and an order
where we should settle everyone.
- Did miss Owen tell you about
me, didn't she?
- I haven't seen miss Owen yet,
We came here 2 day ago.
- May I go?
" 10 pickaninnies decided to have dinner,"
"10 pickaninnies decided to have dinner...
"Suddenly one choked over
and only 9 were left."
"9 pickaninnies were drowsy after dinner.
...were drowsy after dinner."
"One did not awake after
and only 8 were left."
"8 pickaninnies went for walk then."
"One never back and 7,
just 7 were more left."
- 10 minutes ago I was feeling
sorry for I've come here.
- What beautiful statuettes.
- Yes, that's truth.
- How many are they?
- Ten I think.
- One, two...
- Probably there is a sense in this.
- This one is leader.
- So it's ten pickanninies from
the nursery rhymes!
- It is on a wall above fireplace in my room.
- And in mine.
- And in mine too.
- And in mine too.
- And in mine room too!
- I think that the master has
fallen into childhood.
- Doctor do you know Constance Calmington?
- Sorry, but I don't think so.
- That all doesn't matter.
Very unpractical woman.
- Her handwriting is impossible
to understand.
- I think  I came here by mistake.
- I have same thought.
- Misses Oliver has a great cook.
- Excuse me.
Did you say misses Oliver?...
- Yes.
- Misses Owen.
- I don't know any misses Owen.
- Ladies and gentelmen
- please be quiet.
- The following accusations are
brought against you.
- Doctor Armstrong
you are adjudged
with the death of Merry Clims, date
of murdering - 14th of March 1929.
- Emily Brent you're charged with
the death of Beatrice Tailor
5th of November, 1931.
- Emily Brent, you're charged with
the death of Beatrice Tailor,
5th of October,1928.
- Vera Elisabetta Cleysorn
- At 11th of Augest 1935
you have killed Siril Gamilton.
- Captain Lombard, in February
1932 you've killed
- 20 people from east-African
- General McArture you have
sent your wife's lover Arture Richmond
for a death purposely.
- Anthony Marston, You've
killed John and Lucy Comps!
- Ethel and Thomas Rogers,
You've killed
- your mistress Jennifer Bredi.
- Lorenz
Десять негритят

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