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The way you press Mike at ping-pong is such a turn on.You wanna...
you know, I'd love to. But I'm a little tired.
I will put a pillowcase over my head.
You're on.
-what's up?
well.Okay, Mike's taking a shower, which by the way ,there is no law against.
And I'm gonna grab some food ,so if you wanna...
Is that Ross?
Yeah, you can hear everything through the stupid walls.
Sounds like he's with someone.
He could be alone, this morning I heard him do push-up and then talk to his triceps.
Wait a minute, I think phoebe is right.
Yeah I hear someone else in his room.
Dr. Geller.
God you are amazing. I'd even ask you to call me that.
Oh my God that's Charlie.
She's cheating on Joey with Ross!
Oh, tart floosie giant!
I'm not sure about this.
Yeah you're right. This is none of our business.
No. I'm not sure that is the best way we hear everything.Someone get me a glass.
I'm not gonna do this. I'm not gonna eaves drop on my friend.
Oh..I can't believe I'm kissing you.
I'm kissing rachel.
I know, I'm her.
Rachel and Joey. It's Rachel and Joey.
-Get over here!
OMG, I love how thin these walls are.
Thank you.
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From F6
Hey, you know before you said that nothing could happen between us.why changed!
I only say that because of Ross.
-And I saw him kissing Charlie.
Ross and Charlie?
Wow, she is really making her way through the group?
ah. who am I to talk?
I can't believe this. Rachel and Joey?
How about the dinosaur twins in the other room?
No one is manning that wall!
I'm on it.
-I think I hear the curtain's closing.
I got shoes been kicked off over here.
Bedsprings! Unmistakable!
You do realise that's your brother!
NOT until you said it. Somebody switch!
Ouch. Damn it! Ross and Charlie, Joey and Rachel. Phoebe and MIke.we're the only people leaving with the same person we came with!
That's not true.I came with Monica, I'm leaving with weird AL.
Okay I've had it with the hair jokes.tomorrow morning before we leave I'm going to salon.
Okay, Buckwheat.
You gotta hear this. It's great, it's like free porn.
Is everything okay?
Yes, it's just I don't think I can do this.
Oh. Is that because of what might be on the bedspread?
Cause I saw that news report too, with the infra red and the ....
No.no,no. Look I need to talk to Joey.
I mean you guys just broke up.before anything more happens between us, I need to know he's okay with it.
I...I completely understand.
Alright. I'm gonna to find him.
I just need a second before I can... ,you know.
Grandma, grandma...
- Okay I'll see you later.
- Okay.
That's the door. He's gone.
And she's turning on the TV, and watching"Miss congeniality!"
Honey.If you know it through a wall, you know it too well.
Hey what are you guys doing?
Oh, we're just, we're sad to go. So we're just saying goodbye to the hotel.I love you.
Paradise Hotel. Golf, resort and spa.
Yeah, we had a great time, thank you.
Okay. Hey! You guys seen Joey anywhere?
He's probably in this room with his current girl friend Charlie.
That's the situation we know it.
Well if you see him ,please tell him I'm looking for him?
-You got it.
Thank you.
Other wall,people, other wall.
Rach, are you there?
My god, that's Ross.What are we gonna do?
Okay just be calm ,just be calm for all I know it.
We are just hanging out together.Okay just be nonchalant.
That's not nonchalant.
No idea. What does that mean?
Okay just hide.
Trying the bed. trying the bed.
There is no room under the bed.
Is everything OKay?
-You know where Joey is?
I really don't.
- Can I talk to you for a moment?
- Yeah, sure.
I can't believe this.
Have you guys been...
Shh!..Listening side of the wall.
Then she told me she and Joey had broken up.
And that part of the reason is that she had feelings for me.
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