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FLASHKlytus, I'm bored.
What plaything
can you offer me today?
An obscure body in the SK system.
The inhabitants call it Earth.
How peaceful it looks.
Most effective, Your Majesty.
Will you destroy this Earth?
Later. I like to play with things...
before annihilation.
Green Mountain Airways 123
requesting instructions.
I hope Flash Gordon's had
a great vacation after last season.
- Any problem, fellas?
- Just turbulence. Nothing serious.
Nothing you'd want to toss
a third-down pass through either.
Would you like to autograph this
for my kid, Mr. Gordon?
- Call Boston approach.
- It may be smoother higher up.
Do us a favor and leave them alone.
They're busy driving the bus.
It's just a little turbulence.
- My name's Flash.
- I know.
I'm sorry if I seemed rude.
I'm just a little scared.
It's kind of nice.
A travel agent who's scared in planes.
I asked the Matre D' who you were.
- Talk to me. Get my mind off this.
- I couldn't believe you were alone.
- You're just saying that.
- No, I mean it.
- What were you doing there, alone?
- Trying to get my head together.
- By myself, you know?
- I sure do.
It's okay.
Honestly, it's nothing.
- Famous last words.
- I take flying lessons.
Sometimes air rises above clouds
and you get a...
What's the matter?
What's happening, Flash?
Dr. Zarkov! There's no sun.
It's 8:24 in the morning.
- No sun?
- No.
Check the angular vector
of the moon.
{y:i}There seems to be no reason
{y:i}for these intergalactic upsets.
{y:i}Only Dr. Hans Zarkov, formerly
{y:i}of NASA, provided an explanation.
{y:i}His ideas, however,
{y:i}have been rejected as irrational.
{y:i}According to NASA, today's
{y:i}solar eclipse is no cause for alarm.
{y:i}A team of scientists has been
{y:i}in conference with the President.
What do you find?
The moon out of orbit?
By more than twelve degrees.
It must be a mistake.
That's no mistake.
It's an attack.
I've been right all these years.
Fragments of moon rock. Our moon
is subjected to some enormous force.
A kind of energy beam.
Time to go, Munson.
I've got the coordinates -
- the direction it's coming from.
This is what we've been waiting for.
We'll go up and counter-attack.
You're crazy.
I'm not going up in that.
- I can't handle the capsule alone.
- You'd better try.
- Get your toothbrush and whatever.
- Right, chief.
Why are you running away?
All the frequencies are dead.
- Get a look at the V.O.R.
- Holy cow!
John, ten o'clock!
I'll put this baby down right here.
What the hell?
- My God, where are the pilots?
- Help me pull her up.
Are we coming up?
I can't see.
Me neither. Look for landing lights.
- This isn't my scene. Look where?
- Hit the switches over there.
Did your flying lessons
get as far as landing?
I was afraid you'd ask that. No.
Hang on, here we go.
I swear, Munson, I'll shoot!
Get shot, go up,
what's the difference?
You'll give your life to save Earth.
- Haven't you any spirit at all?
- No!
- Dr. Zarkov, listen!
- You're back.
- Dale, you all right?
- I'm terrific.
Let's get out of here
before she blows.
Hold me for a second, then drop me,
I'll kiss the ground.
- You sure you're okay?
- Fine. But no more flying.
- Good morning! Are you injured?
- It seems not.
A miracle.
I expect you'd like to use my phone?
- I would.
- I'm sure the insurance...
- Please, don't mention it.
- What happened to the sun?
- Looks like an eclipse.
- There was nothing about it on TV.
The phone is right in there.
Sorry, Munson.
Missed your opportunity.
- Where's the telephone?
- I'm sure that's Dr. Zarkov.
He's a crazy scientist I saw on TV.
He kept talking about an attack.
They kicked him out of NASA...
- Dr. Zarkov.
- Enough!
- Are you crazy?
- Unfortunately not.
The attack has begun. We have eleven
days before the moon crashes down.
- I need aid in taking off.
- Taking off where?
Up there. I need one


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