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l. . .
Philip Korenev. . .
citizen of the USSR. . . .
in joining
the Police Force. . .
do solemnly swear:
To be faithful to
thw Soviet people. . .
to our Socialist Motherland,
to the building of Communism.
to be honest, brave,
disciplined and vigilant.
To carry out my duties
in an exemplary manner. . .
to strictly uphold
the Soviet Law. . .
never to disclose national
and official secrets.
l swear to diligently
and unquestionably. . .
pursue my duties,
follow orders.
To be relentless and if
needed sacrifice my life. . .
in safeguarding the
Soviet way of life. . .
socialist property. . .
the citizen's rights and
the socialist law and order.
Should i ever renege on
thiw my solemn oath. . .
l shall bear
the punishment. . .
to the full severity
of the Soviet Law.
62nd Brigade.
Korenev Ph.
Today, traffic cops beat
up our customs officers.
That's not nice. We are
fighting the same cause.
A Happy Police Day.
Same to you.
Had a dream last night.
l always dream now.
Squad 4 got this
new major.
They said he gives
great head.
You should go and relax
before the lights out.
So that's that!
Freedom, here l come:
clean hands. . .
clean conscience. . .
and clean teeth.
Send my regards
to Shaman.
Make him some
hard tea.
Cross sent us
a message:
He's getting out soon, there
is no one to leave in charge.
He asked to send someone
from the outside.
l think this what we
should tell him:
The situation is difficult,
we've got no one.
On of the inmates should
keep the order.
That's what he said,
there is no one.
l can go if
you want.
We'll do just as
King suggested.
Here, there is also
much disorder.
King, tell them what
you told me.
Shaman called a
meeting for today.
-He controls all the gangs.
-We should've killed him.
We neglected him and he's
become dangerous.
-Bedbug's here.
-Let him in.
Sit down, we'll
talk later.
What's with
the Northerners?
The came in the area
and came to see me.
They want to take over
the shopping mall.
l know, they called me and
asked for a big favor.
A warrior had to
die in battle.
The Vikings despised
the ''Hay Death''. . .
this means dying
in bed.
Only warriors who died
in battle. . .
could join Odin at the
feast of Walhalla.
Good luck.
Father gave control of the
mall to the Northerners.
He didn't talk to us.
That was wrong.
We have to take it back.
lt's out turf.
And who'll tke care
of the Northerners?
What's with the Banker?
ls he cooperating?
No, he's stubborn.
You should have
another talk with him.
Take care of the Banker and
the shopping mall.
Work! Earn
your money!
Bobovkin, what's with
your colleagues?
Lyrchnkov is responsible of
Banker's security.
l'm sure Barcasse can take
care of it. Go on.
l told you, there are no
drugs in my brigade.
-Grass is not a drug.
-There is more news.
Fox is out.
l told you, he should
die in prison !
l'll take care of it
-What's with you?
-Members only.
You mean members like you?
Crazy since breakfast?
-lt's Barcasse's privilege.
-See this?
And how about this?
Should l waste you or just
knock out your teeth?
l don't know a thief
by that name.
l'm quite sure of it.
So you say you're
a thief?
-What do they call you?
-Where were you crowned?
-ln Moscow.
-Who blessed you?
-Besso, Garik and Broom.
They are respected people.
Take your shirt off.
Where did you do time?
As a juvenil l did a year
in Leningrad, lTK-7.
-Who do you know?
-Besso, Garik and Broom.
Who else?
lsn't that enough?
-How do you enter the cell?
-Why do you need this for?
l was crowned
by the book.
l have power.
Everybody knows me.
So who knows you?
-How will you control jail?
-l'll do it from outside.
And call a general
hunger stike. . .
start a prison riot. . .
from the outside?
You should never spit in
another's man cell.
You show disrespect to
our whole way of life.

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