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Критическая ситуация

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- Need an Inflate A Date?
- No.
I'm here on business.
Do I look like I belong here?
Can't you see I don't belong here?
I can't see shit.
- I'm sorry.
- I love you, brother. No sweat.
Hey, she got big ones or little ones?
Big, very big, only she's not a she.
Shit! I need Scratch 'n' Sniff
on these things.
Keep scratching 'n' sniffing.
- Doing business with the loan shark?
- Don't... I'm a legitimate businessman.
I'm here to do business with Mr Palazzi,
if he'll finance my deal.
- Bank laughed at you?
- There was some laughter.
But that didn't bother me.
The spitting did.
At least the bank
had no dildoes laying around.
The man will see you now.
That's me. I'm on. Bye.
Hey, my man, look cool,
take some shades.
- I don't want no shades.
- Some smokes.
I don't want any. I'll keep them,
if that'll keep you off my ass.
- Now, how do I look?
- Buddy, how the fuck should I know?
The best part is
for $50,000 down payment
I get the whole building
and open up my cineplex.
- 32 theatres, huh?
- 18 seats in each.
But that's not the good part. Check this.
- Dolby sound.
- I don't know anything about that.
- It doesn't matter.
- I'll tell you what does matter.
If you get this cineplex off the ground,
not that I care,
I will own 75% of the concessions
and 100% of the vending machines.
The interest on 50,000 is 100,000.
If you don't pay me 150,000
within one year,
we'll collect your collateral.
That's why I come to you.
I didn't go to E F Hutton.
I don't have any collateral.
- You're standing on your collateral.
- My legs?
- John has something for you.
- John?
Now, there's a little favour we want.
Our business has been experiencing
some setbacks recently.
There's a lot of heat on us
and we're being watched closely.
So we'd appreciate it if you'd take
this package to California for us.
Something for the little lady?
Lennihan, I've got some advice for you.
Don't be a jerk-off.
But I am a jerk-off. I'm certainly not
a bagman. Do I look like a bagman?
The best in the country.
I will deliver these diamonds for you.
- You've no problem with that?
- No.
I'm a little tense.
I've recently quit smoking.
I'm gonna start again.
It helps relieve tension.
I'm so tense you could open
beer bottles with my asshole.
I mean, I am tense. I'm talking tense.
- What the hell's that?
- He's got a fucking wire!
- What?
- Police! Drop 'em!
- Nobody move!
- Don't try it!
Don't move!
You're a cop!
You're not even a blind cop!
- What are you...?
- You set me up.
I didn't. I thought this guy was a blind
pervert. I didn't know he was a cop.
You're dead!
I'm dead? No, you're the one that's dead.
'Cause they caught you with a bag of
diamonds and money. Red-handed!
Holy shit! Can we talk?
You explained
everything's a misunderstanding?
I'm gonna buy you the greatest dinner...
I tried everything. I didn't make a plea,
I begged for mercy.
But you're gonna have to do a year.
- All right, let's go.
- A year?
But this is my first offence. Couldn't you
get me probation? I'll do social work.
How about this?
I'll cook for runaway teenage girls.
I never said a word about
your hare-brained schemes.
Even when I put $5,000
in your offshore shopping mall.
I thought that was foolproof.
I had to do it. I needed the down payment
or I was gonna lose everything.
But why these guys?
The Feds have wanted Palazzi for years.
Then I should get a reward.
My stupidity got him busted.
- You're sick!
- Lennihan! Wait a minute, Harris.
Ten years, no parole, 'cause of you.
I'll be in the machine shop
with my associates waiting for you.
You're dead, Lennihan.
See you in the shower.
- Watch the shoulder.
- Let's go. Move it. Move it!
Mr Lennihan, please rise.
I must make sure your plea
is voluntary and you understand
the consequences of your guilty plea.
Are you taking any drugs
that might impair your judgement
in entering this plea?
- Are you
Критическая ситуация

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