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Звёздный путь 4: Путешествие домой

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{4782}{4840}What do you make of it?
{4890}{4949}It appears to be a probe, Captain,
{4951}{5010}from an intelligence unknown to us.
{5012}{5068}Continue transmitting|universal peace and hello
{5070}{5104}in all known languages.
{5106}{5148}Get me Starfleet command.
{5150}{5194}Ready, captain.
{5196}{5266}Starfleet command,|this is U.S.S. Saratoga
{5268}{5314}patrolling sector five,|neutral zone.
{5316}{5374}We're tracking a probe|of unknown origin
{5376}{5410}on apparent trajectory
{5412}{5451}to the Terran solar system.
{5453}{5512}Attempts to communicate with the probe
{5514}{5571}have been negative on|all known frequencies.
{5572}{5602}Continue tracking.
{5604}{5644}We will analyze transmissions|and advise.
{5646}{5680}Roger, Starfleet.
{5682}{5708}Saratoga out.
{6746}{6819}There. Hold the image.
{6861}{6920}Behold the quintessential devil
{6922}{6956}in these matters-
{6958}{7028}James T. Kirk, renegade and terrorist.
{7030}{7083}Not only is he responsible
{7084}{7154}for the murder of a Klingon crew,
{7156}{7229}see now the real plot and intentions.
{7231}{7265}Even as this federation
{7267}{7315}was negotiating a treaty with us,
{7317}{7396}Kirk was developing|the Genesis torpedo,
{7397}{7429}conceived by Kirk's son
{7431}{7516}and test detonated|by the admiral himself.
{7518}{7573}The result of this awesome energy
{7575}{7643}was euphemistically called|the Genesis planet,
{7644}{7704}a secret base from which to launch
{7705}{7761}the annihilation|of the Klingon people!
{7763}{7831}We demand the extradition of Kirk.
{7832}{7879}We demand justice!
{7880}{7957}Klingon justice is|a unique point of view,
{7959}{7994}Mr. President.
{8127}{8196}Genesis was perfectly named-
{8197}{8263}the creation of life, not death.
{8264}{8335}The Klingons shed the first blood
{8336}{8407}while attempting|to possess its secrets.
{8408}{8503}Vulcans are well-known|as the intellectual puppets
{8505}{8547}of this federation.
{8548}{8605}Your vessel did destroy|U.S.S. Grissom.
{8607}{8680}Your men did kill Kirk's son.
{8682}{8728}Do you deny these events?
{8729}{8772}We deny nothing.
{8774}{8847}We have the right|to preserve our race.
{8849}{8916}You have the right|to commit murder?
{8984}{9036}There will be no further outbursts
{9038}{9072}from the floor.
{9074}{9144}Mr. President, I have come to speak
{9146}{9192}on behalf of the accused.
{9194}{9216}Personal bias.
{9218}{9280}His son was saved by Kirk.
{9281}{9336}Mr. Ambassador, with all respect,
{9338}{9425}the council's deliberations are over.
{9427}{9470}Then Kirk goes unpunished?
{9472}{9518}Admiral Kirk has been charged
{9520}{9552}with nine violations
{9553}{9614}of Starfleet regulations.
{9616}{9672}Starfleet regulations?|That's outrageous!
{9674}{9721}Remember this well-
{9722}{9793}There shall be no peace
{9795}{9862}as long as Kirk lives.
{9901}{9954}You pompous ass!
{10201}{10277}Captain's log, star date 8390.
{10280}{10356}We're in the third month|of our Vulcan exile.
{10357}{10447}Dr. McCoy, with his sense|of historical irony,
{10449}{10495}named our captured Klingon vessel.
{10497}{10567}And like those mutineers|of 500 years ago,
{10569}{10655}we, too, have a hard choice to make.
{10657}{10679}Dr. McCoy?
{10681}{10703}Aye, sir.
{10705}{10727}Mr. Scott?
{10729}{10751}Aye, sir.
{10777}{10799}Aye, sir.
{10825}{10847}Aye, sir.
{10873}{10895}Aye, sir.
{10897}{10931}Let the record show
{10933}{10988}that the commander and the crew
{10989}{11039}of the late Starship Enterprise
{11041}{11111}have voted unanimously|to return to earth
{11113}{11183}to face the consequences|of their actions
{11185}{11264}in the rescue of their|comrade, Captain Spock.
Звёздный путь 4: Путешествие домой

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