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"Wings, Legs and Tails"
In front of you is a blazing desert,
almost bare, almost lifeless, but...
... there are lizards, insects ...
You can also come by ostriches in the desert.
Once an ostrich had met a vulture.
Vulture  Hey you birdie, fly with me,
there is so much tasty stuff over there
Ostrich  How much?
Hey, hey I said - Lets fly, not run!
Did you forget how to fly?!
I never knew how.
You never knew!
Never knew  well teach you.
Never wanted  well make you!
Lift off!
I will make you fly anyway!
Its better to lose a day
Remember, its better to lose a day,
but then fly over in five minutes.
Let's go!
Come back.
Closer, closer
Let me tell you something bird
Im telling you again,
Do a decent run-up and lift off!
Were late!
All the good stuff will be eaten!!!
Move it, move it, work it,
work it, ostrich, lets go, well
Hey, hey 
Wherere you going?!
Wings, wings LEGS!
Hmmm birdie!
Legs, wings
The main thing is the TAIL!
Script: A. Ivanov
Directors, Artists and Animators:
A. Tatarskij, I. Kovalev
Camera: L. Revtor
Composer: Yu. Chernavskij
Sound: O. Solomonov
A. Filippenko, A. Ptitsyn
Montage: L. Georgieva
Editor: A. Feodoridi
Production Manager: Z. Saraeva
The EndArt coop "Ekran" presents
"Wings, legs and tails"
"In front of you is a hot desert.
Almost bare, almost lifeless. But..."
"...you can find occasional lizards..."
"...or bugs."
"You can also come across an ostrich."
"And one time..."
"...a vulture came across an ostrich."
- Hey, bird-brain, fly along, I'll show
a place with tons of yummy stuff.
- This much?
- Hey-hey, I said "fly along,"
Not "run along."
- What, you forgot how to fly?
- I never knew.
- Never knew?
- If you never knew, we'll teach you.
If you don't want, we'll make you.
- Bird-brain.
- I'll get you flying yet.
- Best to lose a day learning...
- Remember. Best to lose a day learning
and then get there in 5 minutes flying.
- Let's go!
- Let's stop.
- Closer, closer.
- Listen up, bird-brain...
- All right, one more time.
Pick up some speed and take off.
- And hurry up, or they'll eat all the
good stuff without us.
- Come on, come on! Work it!
Work it, ostrich, work it!
- Good, good, keep going.
- Hey, hey, hey! Hold up!
- "Wings, wings..."
- Legs!
- Bird-brain.
- "Legs, wings..."
- The most important is the tail!
Screenplay: A. Ivanov
Art, direction, and animation:
A. Tatarskiy, I. Kovalyov
Operator: L. Revtov
Composer: Yu. Chernavskiy
Sound: O. Solomonov
Actors: A. Filippenko,
A. Ptitsyn
Montage: L. Georgiyeva
Editor: A. Feodoridi
Director: Z. Sarayeva
The end.
(C) Art Coop "Ekran"
USSR state TV and radio
Subtitles by Mr. Icon

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