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- Good morning, Warden.
- Tom.
Is that Elwood Blues?
Yes, sir. Released yesterday.
Did you tell him about Jake?
No, sir. I thought you told him.
I'm sorry.
...I work for a friend of yours.
Who's that?
Your old drummer, Willie.
I dance at his club.
He heard you were out
and asked me to get you.
He said he'd give you a job.
Matara, could you drop me off here?
What can I do for you?
Sir, how much would that full-sized...
...Ford police package run me?
Get yourself $500...
...and come back to see me.
Okay, sir.
That's a nice car.
I'll save it for you.
I wasn't sure you would come, Elwood.
A letter from you is like a command, sister.
You know that.
Actually, it's Mother Mary now.
That's a promotion, isn't it?
I was sorry to hear about Jake.
Yeah, well I guess
he's in a much better place.
Where is Curtis?
Curtis has gone on as well, Elwood.
I'm sorry.
So that's why he stopped writing me.
He was very upset
when the orphanage closed.
Curtis was the closest thing to a dad
Jake and I ever had.
He gave us the music.
The Lord works in mysterious ways,
We must go on and fight the good fight.
The orphanage is gone, Jake's gone,
Curtis is gone.
I got no brother, no roots, no life.
I got nothing!
Young man...
...you were not taught and raised by me...
...to fold at the slightest whiff
of adverse circumstances.
Now quit your silly moping,
pull yourself together and snap out of it!
But nothing! Wise up!
Turn your heart to the Creator.
You are so quick to despair.
You are not the only person in the world
who has had tragedy in their lives.
Did you know that Curtis had a son?
Curtis had a son?
Before Curtis came to us
at St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud...
...he had a musical group
that toured juke joints in the Midwest.
In one town, Curtis had an affair
with a married woman.
Go, Curtis.
I mean, that's terrible.
That's what I thought you meant.
The woman became pregnant
and decided to stay with her husband...
...never telling him
that the boy child wasn't his.
Curtis was devastated.
He came to us as a custodian...
...and spent the rest of his life
caring for little orphans like you.
That's a beautiful story.
Wait a minute. If Curtis had a son...
...that guy would be kind of like
my stepbrother.
I have a family.
Curtis stayed in touch
with the boy's mother.
He sent his paycheck every week.
Where is this boy now?
He's a grown man now,
and doing quite well.
He's in the city.
His name is Cabel Chamberlain.
Cabel Chamberlain.
He knows nothing about Curtis.
You are not to tell him.
I wouldn't say anything.
Do you know anything about mentoring?
No. What about it?
I'd like you to meet someone.
Sister, would you send Buster in here?
Wait a minute.
Thank you.
Come in, Buster, and sit down.
Elwood, say hello to Buster.
Hi. How ya doin'?
Buster, say hello to Elwood.
Hi. How ya doin'?
The kid's a wiseass.
What did you say?
I said, what a sweet kid.
That's more like it.
Now, here's my proposal.
Buster is a ward of the State.
Due to lack of space, the archdiocese...
...is housing homeless children
here at the hospital.
What's that got to do with me?
I thought you could come
and spend time with Buster.
Why don't you take Buster to the library?
You know, I've been jacked around...
The library. No problem.
See you in two hours, boys.
Here's the deal. You wait here.
I'll come back for you with the car.
Do you have a car?
I'm working on it.
Chicago. Cabel Chamberlain.
Thanks for the ride.
Kid, are you stalking me?
What are you, fifteen? Seventeen?
I'm ten.
I know what that's like.
You're Ionely, searching for a place in life.
Don't blow it like I did.
Stay away from drugs, gangs, cyber porn
and you could be President some day.
But I don't want to be President.
I'm busy. I got kind of a brother in there.
He must be in trouble.
Besides, you don't want to hang around
with some over-


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