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Преступление в Раю

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Dry nuts.
Screw you.
Here we go.
Easy does it, Marilyn.
Don't worry, sweetie.
Daddy's here.
That bitch!
Holes in all my buckets!
What a bitch!
It doesn't matter.
Daddy won't let you go like that.
Come on, girl.
Evil bitch.
Where you going?
To see my mistress!
Hi, Jojo!
How are you, Jojo?
Not any worse.
Coming to see your mistress?
Can't hide anything from you.
- She's not there.
- Oh, really?
Duchemin got sick,
she's substituting.
Or so she said.
Alright, alright.
Thanks, Mrs. Bertrand.
Don't mention it, Jojo.
Good morning, Germaine.
Feels like summer today.
- Hello, Jojo.
- How are you, Jojo?
Not any worse.
April 1st, 1980
Good morning, Ma'am.
- Am I disturbing you?
- You never disturb me.
- You're substituting today?
- Keeps me young.
Brings back the old days.
You sat right there. You were
my best pupil. I was proud of you.
What did she do this time?
Made holes in my milk buckets.
She used my drill.
You should've hidden it!
She went after my goats.
Your buckets, not your goats.
Buckets can be replaced.
I know Lulu better than you do.
Even as a child, she was a terror.
She would destroy any human,
but she'd never touch an animal.
She lost her twin sister
when they were 5.
You know what that does
to a person's mind and heart?
Going through life alone
when half of her is dead.
No one can imagine.
Not even the finest doctors.
The doctors don't know Lulu.
Her voice, hands, everything she does.
Everything she says,
even if she says nothing!
I can't take it anymore.
Sometimes I want
to blow my brains out.
That's a fine idea!
There's a dark thought.
Really dark.
I'm scared.
Scared of Lulu?
Not of Lulu, of me.
I'm afraid I'll do something terrible.
You remember
the accident she had last year.
People said you sawed
through the ladder.
Is that true?
No, she was drunk, like everyone said.
But the 2 months
she was in the hospital
were the happiest months of my life.
Why not get a divorce?
And lose everything to her?
Even my goats?
Better than losing your head
out the window.
Out the window?
Got a fish on your back, Ma'am.
You too.
I'm leaving it there.
Don't want to spoil the kids' fun.
Good thinking.
Listen to this one.
"Napoleon was short,
so he wore a big hat.
"He was a 'ditator'
who burned up a lot of stuff.
"That's what my Grandad says."
There's a mistake
in every word.
That must be
- the Ramirez kid, right?
- I'm not telling.
I have a town council meeting
in 15 minutes. Should be fun.
I've got to go.
Don't think about what I said.
It sure felt good to say it, though.
That's what worries me.
Don't go saying things to everyone.
It's ok if you tell me things.
But don't go broadcasting the fact
that you want to get rid of your wife.
What if the next accident's fatal?
What would happen?
They'd think it was me.
And then?
You're still sharp as a tack.
Good-bye, Ma'am.
Come back soon.
Mrs. Braconnier!
Feels like summer, doesn't it?
No, the ones that cost 6 francs!
We're all out.
But yesterday you had plenty!
April fool!
Fill 'er up?
Of course.
Here's your friend. The dressmaker.
Hello, Lulu.
That's Lucienne,
we didn't raise pigs together.
True, I never raised pigs.
Now, stop bickering.
Fine weather, isn't it?
Life is great.
36 francs.
3 bottles of mineral water for me.
We only drink mineral water.
I can tell.
Give me 3 bottles too!
Of mineral water?
To rinse out the toilets.
I only rinse with mineral water.
Got a problem with that?
April fool!
Well, well, 6 o'clock!
I gotta go.
Mr. Doucet!
I know
it's a great show,
but we can't forget
the town council.
Ready when you are,
Mr. Giovanelli.
Magali, how do I look?
Good enough to eat.
You're so sweet.
Mr. Doucet,
don't hurt yourself.
It's too much for you.
Hey, buddy!
- What a long face! You ok?
- Not any worse.
Ouch! Nasty bitch.
Why'd you turn off the light?
I could've
Преступление в Раю

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