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KraskoHello. Leave your message
after the beep.
Natasha, Alik,
are you back?
Alik, my heartfelt
congratulations on your return.
Calm down,
no one's back yet.
- Will they be much longer?
- I don't know.
When are you coming back?
Whenever they arrive,
I'll come back.
- You won't stay for a while?
- As if I would!
in a Sergei BODROVfilm
- Stay for a bit.
- Absolutely no way.
Mum, I need to go
to the toilet.
For heavens sake!
Can't you sit still?
Not long now.
They are signing someone out,
and Alik is next.
Written by
Sergei BODROV sr.
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Mum, dod you know
what a 'prison' is?
There! There's Dad!
Produced by
- What's this then?
- It's from a cold.
- Alik! Hello!
- Hi.
- Congratulations on getting out.
- The same to you.
Can we talk for a moment?
Alik, the question
of the money's come up.
Kostya's asking.
The cops took the money.
Ask them.
They say they didn't tale it.
And we need to get it back.
Come on, Dad,
I need to go to the toilet.
The meat's probably
dried right out.
You are not supposed
to cook it for three hours.
We were waiting so long!
I'm worn out.
Well, get used to it.
It won't be the last time.
Hello, Uncle Misha.
Don't touch!
Mum, what's she giving
orders for?
Don't pick.
Go sit at the table.
I'll bring everything in.
- How's grandma?
- Fine. Give her a call.
- Have you boiled the beetroot?
- Yes.
- And I've done some ironing for you.
- I'd have done it myself.
You can iron your husband's
shirts yourself.
I haven't touched them.
I am already like Cinderella
round here.
Cut it out and
take the fish in.
- Hi there.
Off already? Have you
taken the chicken?
Here is some money
for grandma.
- Thanks. You'll phone, right?
- I'll phone tomorrow.
Can you pick Dina up
from schooI tomorrow?
No, I've got training.
You can pick her up
from music then.
Come, on, Sveta, he is not
such a bad man.
After all, he helps you with the
shopping and gives you money.
Stolen money. They don't
lock up good men.
Nowadays they do.
Someone tells tales.
After all, they let him
out almost straight away.
Paid someone some money
- got let out.
Anyway, let me listen.
Don't take too long.
Sveta, hey Sveta!
Shall we go to the pictures?
I've already seen everything
that's on.
Maybe to a cafe, then?
- What, you've got some money then?
- Yes.
Probably stole it
from your parents.
No, I earned it at camp!
- Are we going to a cafe then?
- What for?
Well, people go out to places,
don't they?
People do a lot of stupid
things, don't they?
How romantic!
Isn't it about time you
got married, Malinina?
Klimkin, have you got any goaI
in your life?
Well, I'd like to go
and live in Germany.
They treat Jews OKthere.
- And you?
- I'll go to Chechnya, as a sniper.
- How?
- On a contract.
On whose side?
On our side, of course.
Not for the Chechens!
Could you really shoot
someone then?
If I had to I could.
Sveta, I wanted to ask you.
Your Dad's a Chechen, isn't he?
Is he from Chechnya?
Listen. Firstly, he is not my Dad.
That's first.
Secondly, he's from Daghestan,
and that's a big difference.
- Mum, can't he buy you a dishwasher?
- What for?
- Why waste the money?
- You're right.
It's so hard getting
the money in the first place.
Oh, come on, really.
Don't forget to pick
the kid up from music.
Don't worry, I am not going
to forget about your kid.
- You asleep?
- No.
- What's up?
- Not much.
Maybe Dina should start going
to some club, too?
Wouldn't hurt. Otherwise she'll
grow up a pansy weakling.
You're exaggerating,
she plays the violin,
goes to her teacher, draws.
Have you seen her drawings?
She'll need to go
to an analyst soon.
Can you light me a cigarette?
My nails are wet.
And give me an ashtray.
He promised we'd go skiing
in Austria.


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