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Семнадцать мгновений весны

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EndCentral Studio of
Children and Youth Films
named after M. Gorky
By commission of State Committee
of the USSR Council of Ministers
on Television and Radio Broadcasting
Mister Bolzen.
Do you hear me, Mr. Bolzen?
I have to tell you this.
I don't know about you,
but I'm already charged with oxygen
for our awful city life.
What do you think, Mr. Bolzen,
isn't it time for us to go home?
I think it's time.
Oh, Mister Bolzen!
Mister Bolzen,
please be a gentleman
to the end and help me.
I can't step over this.
- Please, Frau Zaurich.
- Thank you.
For several years now,
Mister Bolzen,
you've been bringing me here
in the early spring.
I must say that
this outing will last me
almost a whole year.
You know,
I don't feel like
going back to town.
How about you?
That's what I mean. I'm sick and
tired of my institution.
You understand that I mean
that damn joint and my...
with your permission,
that profession of mine.
Hold this, please.
Of course, if it were not for the war
and my children were alive...
Do you know what herb it is?
It's a wonderful, medicinal herb.
If you dry it,
you can make a decoction from it.
Smell it. One must drink it
if he has bad kidneys.
- Do you have bad kidneys?
- No.
It's a pity, because that decoction
helps a lot if you have bad kidneys.
What do you think, can I wear these
rubber boots for another season?
- Of course you can.
- I think so too.
The birds are singing so beautifully!
It's so good that spring has come!
You know, spring means victory
over hunger, over winter.
And even, if you like,
a victory over death.
- You think so?
- Don't you?
- Well, I think you're right.
- Yes, I'm right.
We're going to tell you
about some events
of the last spring of the war.
The last spring of the war.
In three months
fascism will be crushed,
but now fierce fighting is
going on on the Oder,
near Budapest, in Pomerania.
We will tell you only about
seventeen days of that spring.
Vyacheslav TIKHONOV
Also starring
Kruger - Yevgeny KUZNETSOV
Kaltenbrunner -
Hitler - Fritz DIEZ (GDR)
Goring - Wilhelm BURMEYER (GDR)
Himmler - Nikolai PROKOPOVICH
Bormann - Yuri VIZBOR
Schellenberg - Oleg TABAKOV
Holtoff- Konstantin ZHELDIN
Frau Zaurich -Emiliya MILTON
Pastor Schlagg - Rostislav PLYATT
Astronomer - Yuri KATIN-YARTSEV
Kaltenbrunner's aide-de-camp -
Stanislav KORENEV
Don't ever think of seconds haughtily.
The time will come you'll know this
Like whistling bullets by your head
they flee,
Those moments, those moments, those
Those moments...
(16 hours 30 minutes)
Hitler's bunker.
Transcript of a meeting at the Fuhrer's.
Those present were:
Reich Marshal Goring,
Field Marshal Keitel,
Chief of Land Forces Jodl,
Reichsleiter Bormann,
Reich Minister of Arms and Munitions
Head of the Reich Security
Main Office Kaltenbrunner,
Brigadefuhrer of the SS Schellenberg,
Foreign Ministry envoy Havel,
Admiral Fosse,
Admiral von Puttkamer,
Captain Neurath,
aides-de-camp, stenographers.
"We have got but hours,
just hours, to win a victory,"
said Hitler.
Everyone who can look,
analyze and make conclusions,
must answer only one my question:
Is the victory possible soon?
I'm not asking for a blindly
categorical answer.
I'm not putting up with blind faith.
Never before has the world seen
such paradoxical
in its controversy
a union
as the allied coalition.
While the aims of
Russia, England and America
are diametrically
while they are
moving, directed
by the diversity of their
ideological aspirations,
we are moved by only one aspiration,
with our whole life subordinated to it.
While contradictions between them are
growing and will continue to grow,
our unity, as never before,
has acquired
the solidity I have strived for
throughout the years
of this strenuous and great campaign.
To help destroy
Семнадцать мгновений весны

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