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Секретный агент

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Shame on you, Michaelis!
I will deny anything that makes use
ofblatant oversimplification.
Truth is complex. Once you take away its
character of complexity, you destroy it.
And when truth is destroyed,
you're building on sand.
Fifteen years in a dark,
damp underground cell.
I still can't understand
what it is we done wrong, Mother.
Well, now, it's nothing
like that, dear.
Weren't you comfortable
enough here? Was that it?
I've purposely left you
my few bits of good furniture.
I don't see the use
of leaving it till I'm dead.
- Stevie?
- Yes, Winnie?
You go and do
some of your drawing.
I'll fetch you when it's time
to bring the luggage down.
All right, Winnie.
What you want to say
that for in front ofhim?
You know how upset he gets
if anyone talks about dying.
Oh, I'm sorry, Winnie.
I wasn't thinking.
I'm all of a fluster.
Is the cabbie here yet?
... the radical change
we're all of us working towards.
The revolution cannot be
provoked. It must arise spontaneously...
by the will of the people at the moment
when it becomes clear to them...
that capitalism is ready to collapse...
under the weight of
its own contradiction.
Have you still not understood,
Michaelis, that your damn pessimism...
is a way of lying down and allowing
the oppressor to march all over you?
"Pessimism."If I were a pessimist...
don't you suppose that
sometimes in those 15 years...
I would have found a way
to cut my throat?
I could've beaten my head in
against the walls of my cell.
No. I'm not advising
a resignation or indifference.
I am counseling patience!
"Patience"...another word
for doing nothing.
You are saying that
all action is useless.
Worse than that.
You are offering encouragement...
to those economic cannibals...
who drink the blood and feed
on the flesh of the people.
- Hear, hear.
- No, no, no.
Patience is not submission.
It's a state of mind in which to complete
the necessary preparations for the future.
If I could find three men... three...
capable of having no feeling
for anything on earth...
including themselves, then I could make
the necessary preparations for the future.
You cannot force what must happen
of its own accord.
Before long,
the property owners...
will begin to fight
among themselves...
And in the meantime
they hold their branding irons
against the skin of the people.
We must hear it sizzle...
and make no response...
except for your damned patience...
to the smell of burning...
What's the matter?
Br... Br... Branding irons must hurt,
Winnie! Think how they must hurt!
Never mind that. The cab's here.
Help Mother down with the luggage.
It's gotta be stopped, Winnie!
It's gotta be stopped!
Come along. Don't you
worry about it. Mr. Verloc will stop it.
We're trying to conduct a meeting
down here! Stop that fuss! Stop it!
- Shh!
- I'm so...
- I'm... I'm s... I'm sorry, Mr. Verloc.
- We're just leaving.
Come on.
Um, I'm, uh...
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
It's, uh...
We'll take a short pause.
My mother-in-law is
moving out this evening.
It's very good, this.
Absolutely typical.
What's very good?
Exactly what you would
expect from a degenerate.
I wouldn't let my wife
hear you call him that if I was you.
She's very fond of her brother.
- It's a purely scientific term.
- Yeah.
Thank you ever
so much, Mr. Verloc.
I'm sorry to have disturbed you.
- Please allow me.
- Mr. Michaelis.
Mrs. Verloc.
- I can manage, Mr. Ossipon.
- Please, call me Tom.
I thought your name
was Alexander.
It is, but all my most
special friends call me Tom.
Listen to me. Listen.
You can come back
anytime you wish.
Oh, Mr. Verloc!
You're so kind!
Listen. Do me a favor, will you,
young fella? Load the bags
Секретный агент

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