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oneTranslated by Anatoly Kobozev, Albuquerque, USA 2007
two cops were killed
he was tried for one only
they robbed a computer store
all accessors  were killed, he was wounded
4 years has he spent in prison
he is in the 5th cell-block
never made any troubles
respected by other prisoners
never messes with any shit
a man from Moscow offers good money to take him out of here
I think it's a crappy deal
Too much to do
...and too risky!
hard to rely on him
what if he commits crime after he is released?
cops will get him and we'll be in shit!
so I think we'd better not mess with it
..good money offered, though
and we can make it so that no one will know
...what we did
how much money?
- you remember how much was the last deal?
- Yep
three times more
cash at once
huh.. great money
great great
how are we gonna make it...
- Come on, bastard!
- hey what you doing Kolian?
- calm down Kolian!              - Son of the bitch!
- Don't beat me, stop it
Fuck you Kolian!
Why the hell did you beat me bro??
Enough! Enough! Stop it! I said
Stop it now!
- What?
- Stop it!
Why did you start this, motherfucker?
- Stop!
- Shut up bastard!
How come you started the fight?
- He got the picture from my shelf
- The pict was on the flor!
No! It wasn't on the flor!
Even if it were don't you see that this is mine?
Lier! He ain't sure were it was
I thougth he threw that away
I got the girl out from the pic
- What's the problem?
- Ok! Enogh!
I thought he threw it away
I see the baby on the pict, I got her
Whoudn't you get yourself?
Can I see?
Do you think she is waiting for you?
Such nice girls never wait for such assholes as us
Who would wait for a prisoner...
This is my only sister
What the mess on the tables?
Dasha, Dasha
Dasha, open this for me!
- Where have you been last night?
- I had a lot to do
You do nothing serious all the time
Your brother got in trouble
I feel you gonna do the same
I am embarraced for you guys
Don't worry uncle Mike, Kolia will soon be released
and we'll leave you forever
You may start packing up just now
You doin nothin anyway
Only embarracing me
Tell me. What do you do? What?
I wait for Kolia
Tomorrow he is released. You follow him to Moscow
once you're in the right place....   do a clean job!
Get all the docs from him
Had a party? You drank all the night
Tomorrow? When is he gonna get to Moscow?
Ok. Kazanskiy railway station? I'll meet him there
Alright. Thanks!
Dmitri, it's not your size, they mistook. Two sizes bigger
- It's not for myself
- Huh...
My friend is getting back from a long trip
Take this too
He would visit my mom and kicked me out of the house
He would visit my mom and kicked me out of the house
even in winter
Hmm.. creeppy
mom wasn't home, he grabbed me and forced me to the bed
- And then?
- and then ....
- then what??
One time mom got home early and saw us together
Oh god...
Can you tell that to the camera?
No, I am too shy...
Can I borrow money now?
How much you got?
What you gonna do?
Life has changed. Business, trading
No need to rob anymore
I own a car-trading company. You can own half of it
you gotta obtain the drivers lisense and insurance
to have wheels
Don't wanna forgive me
Get money for living. You are free, you decide
Thank you Dimon for everything you did for me
You got kids?
A daughter and a son
Make sure they don't do what we did
And... Listen Dimon
I don't know what would I've done
if I had been you that time
you're stubborn
no luck
Dimon..  Dimon..
Dimon, why?
Dashka, everything is on fire! Crap!
where you goin? Dashka, stop!
Don't go there. You will burn!
Too late! It's gone
Get out quickly! What are you doin there?
Stop it!
- What are you doin?
- It's hot!
What's this?
Who's this?
not your business
Who taught you to hide money from me?
This is for Kolia. Why didn't you put it out?
You will get where

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