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Семнадцать мгновений весны

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Gorkij Film Studio
Soviet Union TV Corporation
Mr. Bolzen!
Do you hear me, Mr. Bolzen?
I'd like to tell you something.
I think, I am now recharged
with Oxygen to survive
in our horrible city life.
Is it time for us to return, Mr. Bolzen?
I am afraid so.
Mr. Bolzen! Please be so kind and
help me. I can't step over this.
It will be my pleasure, Frau Zaurich
to help you.
Thank you
For several years, you, Mr. Bolzen,
have taken me out here every spring.
I must honestly tell you that these trips
charge me with energy for the entire year.
I don't want to return to the city!
You, too, don't want to go back, do you?
Well, we do feel the same about it.
I just hate my establishment,
if I may call it that way.
I mean that dirty den and my, so-called,
"job" to predict people's fortune.
If only we wouldn't have this war and
my kids would be still alive...
Do you know what grass is this?
It is a very medicinal grass.
If you'd boil it in a kettle.
Then drink that. It helps greatly
with many kidney problems.
-Do you have any kidney pains?
Good for you. Anyway, it helps a
lot with many kidney problems.
- How do you like my new boots?
- They are quite nice. Really.
Birds are coming back and singing!
Spring is here at last. Feels so great!
You know, for me spring is a victory
over the cold and a hungry winter.
And even as a victory over death.
-What do you think that way as well?
-Well, I think...
- I think you are correct, frau Zaurich.
- Yes, I am correct!
In this movie we will show you certain
events of the last spring of that war - WWII.
Yes, the last spring of that horrible war.
In about 3 months fascism in Germany
will be defeated and destroyed for good.
But right now, there are heavy fightings
by Oder river, in Budapest, in Pomerania.
We will tell you only about the 17 days
of the last spring of that war.
STIRLITZ - Vjacheslav Tihonov
Aslo staring
KRUGER - Kuznecov
Hitler - Fritz Ditz . Goering - Wilhelm Burmeier
Himler - Prokopovich
Bormann - Vizbor . Shellenberg - Tabakov
Holtoff - Zheldin
Frau Zaurich - Milton
Pastor Shlag - Plyat
Astronomer - KatinYarcev
Kaltenbruner's aid - Korenev
Other acters
Narrator - Efim Kopelyan
February 12, 1945 16:30 - 4:30PM
At Hitler's bunker
Hitler's guests and secretaries
Reich’s Marshal Herman Goering
Field Marshal Keitel
Commander of Armies on Land Iodel
Reichsleiter Martin Borman
Reich’s minister of Industry Spear
Chief of Imperial Security Kaltenbrunner
Briganenfuher SS Shelenberg
Foreign Minister Haivell
Naval Admiral Foss and
other navy officers
Hitler is speaking: We have left hours,
not days to finally win this war.
Anyone who is capable of a logical
analysis must answer only one question:
Is it possible to soon have a victory?
Is our victory close to us?
I don't expect nor am satisfied with
an answer in its blind assurance.
I don't trust an answer based on
blind faith. I don't trust blind faith!
The world has never seen such a
paradoxical and controversial
union, as the coalition of the allies.
In this time, the real goals of
Russia, England and America are
dissimilar and mutually antagonistic.
They are driven by the dissimilarity of
their political ideology and world outlook,
We, the Germans, are united in one goal
and that is the purpose of our existance.
At this time the contradictions among the
allies keep growing stronger and stronger.
But our own unity became monolithic and
that's what I was building all these years.
Trying to speed up the destruction of the
enemy coalition via diplomacy is a utopia!
Only by fighting them we'll demonstrate
the unbending strength of our might.
We'll speed up the breakup of the
coalition and it will fall apart
to pieces by the roar of our mighty guns.
I gaze and fasten my eyes on us,
the Germans.
Only our nation can and will achieve
the final victory in this war.
At the current time
Семнадцать мгновений весны

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