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Cowboys in the City
Screenplay: M. Lipskerov
Director: V. Tarasov
Art director: Vit. Peskov
Composer: B. Shnaper
Camera: M. Druyan
Sound operator: V. Kutuzov
Script editor: P. Frolov
Editor: T. Sazonova
Assistants: T. Mititello, A. Sher
Animators: V. Arbekov,
A. Davydov, V. Arsentyev
O. Komarov, Yu. Batanin,
E. Avakyan
Consultant: S. Zaychikov
Production manager: F. Ivanov
To Our Dear Harry for His 60th
Birthday from His Colleagues
... they willed children never
to play on the non-pedestrian
part of the street!
... he crosses the street only
at the pedestrian crossings!
Furniture Moving
Underground Walkway
... he drove out of his garage
in a technically unsound car!
Bringing and Drinking
Alcohol is Prohibited!
...he attempted to drive
a car under the influence!
The End

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