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Abdul Elijah says we're in business.
Get the capital in safe place, okay?
Meet me back here 3:00. Bring me a key.
We go check the color of your green.
Your shipment's on its way. You have a
small item for me. I give you a courier.
Bless Abdul Elijah
and the brotherhood.
Nice doing business, comrade.
Oh! Attention!
Fun bag patrol.
Double bogies, 11:00.
Whew, Christ!
You think she bought those?
I don't think so.
I think those
are definitely home grown.
Just an opinion.
-Guy's gotta be dead not to notice that.
-What's the matter with you?
I'm a man. I got needs.
We're on the job. Come on.
We oughta arrest her.
- What'd you squeeze him with?
- Caught him packin' on parole.
Gave him a choice:
Whisper in my ear...
or I turn him into Joliet Prison
for five years.
He tipped you to
a big cleanhead deal?
Don't tell me we're popping cleanheads.
I hate the cleanheads!
You're this close
to losing your job.
Can you give us a second, Charlie?
Yeah, all right.
You're not helping yourself.
This is a good tip.
I got it from my guy Streak.
All right. Come on, let's go.
Freeze! Police! Hands up!
Shut up!
You ain't got shit!
Follow me. You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used
against you in court.
Outside stairwell!
Freeze, motherfucker!
Don't get nervous.
I do this for a living.
You look like Marvin Hagler.
I lost money on Hagler!
Hey! How long you gonna be in there?
You're not even using the goddamn phone!
Chicago. Gangsters.
- How you doing, honey?
- Blow yourself.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
It's good thinking.
Should be out any second.
He's going through customs
right now.
You read the report Stobbs wrote
on the cleanhead bust?
- He says your performance was adequate.
- Adequate. Jesus Christ! What a jerk!
It's a personality thing.
Stobbs just doesn't like yours.
Ten to one he doesn't speak English.
- Captain Danko.
- Yes.
I'm Detective Sergeant Gallagher,
Chicago Police Department.
- Glad to meet you.
- Thank you.
This is my partner,
Detective Sergeant Ridzik.
- First time in Chicago?
- Yes.
You have a nice flight?
Yes, fine.
- You hungry?
- No.
Hate to break this up, but I'm parked
in a red zone. No offense.
We got a car waiting outside
for you.
It's a half-hour drive
to the city.
It's a nice drive.
You'll enjoy it.
Nice night.
Been real hot lately. Nothing hotter
than Chicago in August.
It's the humidity
that gets to you.
Humidity. You know,
moisture in the air.
How's it been in Moscow?
No moisture.
Where'd you learn
to speak English so well?
Compulsory training.
Language school in Kiev.
Oh, yeah. That's like
in Chicken Kiev.
We had that at my sister's wedding.
Viktor Rosta must've pissed off
a lot of commissars...
for them to send someone
all this way to baby-sit him home.
What did he do?
Pee on the Kremlin?
I gotta apologize
for my partner, Captain.
He's just naturally suspicious.
Did you arrest Viktor?
- Me? It was patrolmen.
- Where?
Right near his hotel,
The Garvin.
It's a breeding ground for pushers,
pimps, prostitutes.
Take me there.
We got you booked
at the Executive House.
Please. Garvin.
You sure you wanna stay here?
It's horrible. You have a choice.
I stay here.
- If you're on a budget--
- Thank you.
I will be fine.
You're the boss.
I'll pick you up
at 9:00 in the morning.
Nice talking to you, Captain.
- What do you think?
- I think he's a jerk.
- Danko.
- You're welcome.
Put your name in the big book
right there.
You had man here called "Rosta."
Viktor Rosta.
- A Russian?
- Soviet.
I want same room.
Are you Russian too?
Nice going.
It's 302.
Right up those stairs.
This is our booking area.
Looks like a major crime wave
just hit, right?
When I first got here
when I was first assigned here...
I thought all hell
had broken loose.
Nope. It was just
a typical Monday


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