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Операция 'Ы' и другие приключения Шурика

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2007The operation "Y" and other
adventures of Shourik
Viewing by children under 16 is allowed.
Shourik - Alexander Dem'yanenko
Script by Ya. Kostyukovsky,
M. Slobodskoy, and L. Gaidai
Director - Leonid Gaidai
Camera - K. Brovin
To the factory.
For passengers with children
and disabled.
- Sit down, please.
- Never mind. Thank you.
Could you please get up
and give a seat?
If I get up, you'll lie down.
These places are specially
for children and disabled!
Is she "children" or "disabled"?
She is going to be a mother!
And I'm going to be a father!
Don't say nonsense.
Here is a disabled person,
what will you do now?
Excuse me.
Okay, the law is the law!
Seat down, please.
Thank you very much.
Ah, you can see.
Now you will be blind!
- Do you confirm?
- Yes, we do!
So, you are the victim...
- Do you work on a construction?
- Yes, part-time.
- What is "part-time"?
- I am studying in the university...
A student!
To imprison for 15 days!
Well, alcoholics,
hooligans and spongers...
Who wants to work today?
Today's tasks are...
a sand-pit: two persons.
A pit of sand: two persons!
Please, read out all items.
A sand-pit: two persons.
A street cleaning: three persons.
The meat factory...
... didn't send any tasks today.
There is a task
on a building construction.
Any tasks in a
vodka distillery?
Mind out.
First of all, I'd like to acquaint you
with our remarkable team,
you will be joining temporarily.
- For how long?
- For all fifteen days.
Okay, it is remarkable.
Best wishes, good bye.
- Don't be late with the lunch!
- Yes, yes!
I am sure these 15 days will pass
in atmosphere of friendship
and mutual understanding.
It is a cork, a gift from Africa.
Yes, this way please.
By means of your imagination
try to see
what a beautiful housing
area will be built here.
There will be installed 740 gas stoves,
that is 740 times larger then
the city had before the year 1913!
This way, please.
Just a moment!
What a romantic spirit!
And if we add all volume of the work,
implemented by our company
during this quarter
and put all floors one on other,
then we get a building that
is twice higher than
the world-wide known Eiffel Tower.
Or three times higher than the famous
"Notre Dame de Paris"
that  means "The Cathedral
of Paris God Mother".
- Whose mother?
- The Paris...
Mother... of God...
This way please.
Our building company has built
such an amount of living space
that is equal to a city like Chita,
or to a ten cities like Volynsk,
or to 32 Backwoods.
It is a breathtaking thought that...
... than in America ...
Thus, you also can make your contribution
to the great achievements
of our company, BAC.
BAC means "Building-assembly company".
- What company?
- The building company.
- I am ready.
- Thank you.
Yes, Pavel Stepanovich.
Okay, here is your workmate.
At last! Thanks, Pavel Stepanovich.
Now we shall work!
I see, you'll work well together.
I wish you success in your work
and good luck in your life.
Thanks for your attention.
Listen,  did any accidents
occur here?
- No accidents up to now.
- They will happen. Let's go.
- What is there?
- Hush-h...
Where have you been? I was looking
for you in the whole building.
- Work has stopped.
- Work stops, but my term goes.
Your time is counted in roubles,
but my time is counted in days.
Okay, Shourik, how is
the workmate?
He is making progress.
Excellent! Why in a whisper?
- He is sleeping!
- Is he?
While our spacecrafts are
ploughing the Universe...
and that is why all continents
applaud to our ballet-dancers.
Keep going.
... popular wisdom says...
"It's dogged does it".
"Business before pleasure".
"He that would eat the fruit,
must climb the hill".
"A work can always wait".
Oh, no, we don't need this...
... I don't care a damn...
- Where is compote?
- Compote, please!
- Hands!
Операция 'Ы' и другие приключения Шурика

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