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Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз 2

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ENGLISHDo exactly as I say. Stand up slowly,
walk ahead of me and open the door.
Everybody freeze! Nobody move!
You, lock the doors.
All of you, eat the floor! Now! Now!
- Get your ass down here now.
- Lock it. Right now, lock it.
Eat the floor. Move!
Let's go!
- Come on, move it. Go.
- Two minutes.
Stay down.
One minute.
30 seconds.
- Time!
- Move out.
- Hey, Ace, over here.
- Hey, Vinnie.
I'd very much like you to meet Judy.
She can suck a goIf ball
through 20 feet of garden hose.
- lmpressive. Can you excuse us?
- Go over there! Go over there!
Thank you, Judy.
Where'd you find that bitch?
- She's my girl.
- The bitch ain't happy.
- I need help. More credit cards.
- How many?
American Express blank credit cards.
l need 2,000.
- Get the fuck out of here!
- If you can't handle it,
I'll take my money
to somebody who can.
- OK. You got the money?
- I got a bag of money.
This big, this wide,
full to the brim with money.
- When do you need them?
- Three hours.
- Get out. Give me time.
- I'm a businessman.
- I got to make moves.
- Three hours!
If you can't help me, I'll go
somewhere else. I got to move.
- You got the money?
- I got the money. You got the cards?
Listen, you meet me at this address.
Three hours.
Don't have me standing around while
you're messing with the titty woman.
- Three hours.
- Three hours.
Foley, only real cops
can come in here.
- I thought you were dead, Granby.
- I hate to bother you. One question.
- I got to go.
- I'll ask you later.
You act like you never saw a suit!
Detective Axel Foley, please.
You've reached the home
of George Kingfish Stephens.
Sorry I'm not in
but l've gone to the Lodge Hall.
Leave a message and I'll get back
at my earliest inconvenience.
- Axel, it's Bogomil.
- How you doing?
l have to cancel on the fishing trip.
l was going to teach you how to fish.
lt's OK, I'm up to my ass on this
credit card fake, and I'm close.
How's Jan?
If she didn't have a father with
a gun, something would've happened!
She's great, isn't she?
I'm into something important here.
I'll fill you in
when I know more myself.
I'm late, Axel.
Look, you take care of yourself.
Punch Rosewood in his eye
and slap Taggart's bald head for me.
Bye, Axel. I'll call you in a week.
Marcy doesn't want to meet you.
lnspector Todd wants to see you now.
What do you mean she doesn't want to?
- She doesn't like you.
- She doesn't know me.
- I described you to her.
- Why?! I help you.
l tell Todd you're working 24 hours
a day. Look at that watch.
Jeffrey, please, leave me alone!
l got to work undercover with you.
Why not?
If Marcy won't give me her number,
I'll give you mine, you pass it on.
I'm very close to shooting you.
As far as undercover goes,
l want to be involved.
You want to work undercover?
When Todd asks where I am,
tell him I'm pursuing my credit card
bust. Now you're undercover.
LA Times got a letter like that
a few hours ago.
He knows that, Billy.
ls this guy serious?
He's serious about
the way he pulled the job.
He knew exactly how long
to stay inside and what to take.
- Captain, I have this friend...
- Why are you involved in this case?
l assigned you and Taggart
to the Peterson extortion case.
Bogomil, get your men in here.
Come on.
You can't keep God waiting.
l don't want to hear
that kind of talk.
He's fired every cop
who worked for the old chief.
- There's only us three left.
- He's still head of this department.
Yes, sir.
Very smart, Billy.
l have a relationship with this dude.
Dude? Dude? We're not even
supposed to be working on this case.
Come on, Sarge.
l know you have domestic troubles,
but you got to cool out, relax.
Things like this work out. Trust me.
You moron. You called the
Supervising Agent of the goddamn FBl
to help break this Alphabet code?
This is a local crime. My men
will solve it locally, Roseweed.
- Sir, my name's not Roseweed...
- Shut
Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз 2

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