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Soyuzmultfilm studio presents
Screenplay: E. Uspenski, R. Kachanov
Song lyrics: A. Timofeyev
Producer: R. Kachanov
Art director: L. Shvartsman
Operator: T. Bunimovich
Composer: V. Shainski
Sound: G. Martynyuk
Animators: M. Buzinova, N. Dabizha,
Yu. Norshtein
Voices: T. Dmitriyeva, V. Livanov,
K. Rumyanova, V. Ferapontov
Jumping over the puddles
The pedestrians huddle
As the sky lashes out in a storm.
And they look, and they wonder --
In this rain, in this thunder,
Why I'm smiling and singing a song.
And I'm playing my garmoshka
loud for everyone to hear.
What a pity, that a birthday
Comes just once a year.
There will come a magician
In a blue helicopter
and will throw us a show for free.
Then he'll stay for the party,
And when he is departing,
He'll make candy grow up on the trees.
And I'm playing my garmoshka
Loud for everyone to hear.
It's a pity that a birthday
Comes just once a year.
It's a pity that a birthday
Comes but once a year.
- Hello. Is this the house of
Gena the Crocodile?
- Yes, this is where he lives.
It's me.
- Then please sign this.
- Hello, Gena!
- Hello!
- I wish you a happy birthday.
- Thank you! Is this for me?
- Yes.
- Cheburashka, you're a true friend!
- Scouts...
- Scouts.
- Real scouts...
- Ah, I'd love to be able
to march like that.
- March? To become a scout, you have to
do a lot of good deeds. Understand?
- I understand...
- Wow, it's very pretty.
- Very.
- Want to launch it?
- Okay.
- One...
- Two...
- Three!
- Hang on, let me!
- Hold on to this.
- Okay.
- Hold tight, now.
- Like that?
- Like that!
- Chaburashka! Hold on!
- Cheburashka! Did you get hurt?
- No. Not even a tiny bit.
- Phew. I was so worried for you!
- Scouts again.
- Gena... Let's ask if we can join.
- No, Cheburashka, they won't take us.
- Why not? Maybe they will.
Come on, let's try!
- All right, let's try!
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Will you let us join you?
- You? Join our scout troop? No way.
- Though you could join as pets.
- We don't want to be pets!
We want to be scouts!
- Do you know how to make bird houses?
- No, we don't.
- Ever had to set up a campfire?
- No, never.
- Perhaps you know how to march?
- No idea.
- See. You guys are not ready yet.
- Besides. Being scouts is only
for the best of the best!
- But... we will become
the best of the best!
- Great. Do come back then.
- Bah.
- It's no use.
- Don't worry, Gena. We'll take a break
and then try to fix it one more time.
- You could have hurt yourself!
- When I was a young crocodile,
I never climbed fire escapes.
- Good thing we got here in time!
- I won't do it again, promise!
- All right, then. Be careful.
- Why, why on earth did you do that!
Have you got nothing better to do?
- No.
- We have nothing to do!
- They have nowhere to play.
That's why they go where they shouldn't.
- Okay, we'll help them.
- What's in that little house?
- Nothing.
- We'll get rid of all this stuff.
- Here, we'll put a bench,
and over here a window.
- And it'll be a little house.
Where they can play.
- Hurrah and huzzah!
- No. Let's not build anything there.
- And for Cheburashka's birthday ...
... we baked bread with caraway ...
... it was tall like so ...
... it was low like so ...
... it was wide like so ...
- Wow, that's a lot of firewood.
Are we going to build a campfire?
- Nope, we're going to build a
playground for little kids.
- Here, play some see-saw for now.
- Hey, you guys need any help?
- Thanks, but you guys are already busy.
- Oh, come on, let me have a go!
- No way!
- You might let go of the jackhammer.
- Now they definitely won't let us join.
- Citizen Crocodile?
- Wh... what?
- That's you who stole the compressor?
- Yes, it was me who stole it.
- And how were you planning to use it?
- We, uh... We already used it.
- We built a playground for little kids.
- Hah, good job!
- Don't worry about the compressor.

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