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1991And on that point,
members of the jury,...
...I rest my case.
[Camera shutter clicks]
[Alarm clock rings]
Hello, Wanda.
Hi, Ken.
Hello, W-W-Wanda.
...this is Otto.
Hello, Ken.
Wanda's told me a lot about you.
Hey! Great fish!
A squeeze of lemon,
some tartare sauce... perfect!
George back yet?
No, he had to g-g-go...
...to the b-b-b...
That's quite a stutter
you've got there, Ken.
It's all right, it doesn't bother me.
So er...
George needs a weapons man, eh?
A cup of tea, Ken?
Yeah, he'd like one.
I had a good friend
in the CIA, had a stutter.
Cost him his life, dammit.
[Door opens]
Hi, George.
Hello, George.
Get you a Scotch?
...this is Otto.
...you're Wanda's brother?
Good to be here, George.
England is a fine country.
Did she tell you what we need?
[Ken gasps]
Something like that?
Something like that.
Hello, Wendy.
Had a good day?
I spend the morning trying
to get a waste disposal man.
At lunch, Marjorie just
complained about her husband...
...then I have to play
three rubbers with Philippa.
I come back and Sandersons
have sent the wrong flowers.
Oh, no!
Would you like some tea?
I won the case.
This is the first moment
I've had to myself all day.
Hello, Portia! How was the show?
Awful, Daddy.
I must have a new horse.
- But you liked Phantom.
- He's not fit for dog meat.
Can I change him? It won't cost much.
- Oughtn't we...
- I thought you were making tea.
- I am, darling. Sorry.
- I'd better get it.
- No, no, let me do it.
- No! I'll do it!
I won the case.
Now this is cracked.
They're worth about 100,000 each.
There are 135 of them.
That makes 13 millions, my friends.
Dollars or pounds?
Pounds, pet.
This is the big one. So...
The plan.
Yeah. Great. No problem.
What was the middle thing,
about the police?
We don't meet up at
Heathrow until Tuesday...
Yeah, yeah!
I haven't finished yet.
Because the police will watch
all the airports for 72 hours.
I know.
I know.
Do you want me to g-g-get...
...a b-b-big...
A limo, OK?
And put diplomatic plates on it.
What if he has to
speak in the break-in?
Nobody says anything
during a break-in.
It's OK, Otto. Ken's good.
So, next week,...
...we won't have to look for work.
And it won't have to look for us.
Oscar Wilde.
You really like animals,
don't you, Ken?
What's the attraction?
Because you can t-t-t...
...trust them, and
they don't sh-sh-sh...
Shit on you?
Show off all the time.
You know what Nietzsche
said about them?
He said they were
God's second blunder.
Bye, sis!
Well, you tell him
from me that I-I-I...
Bye, George.
If you talk to Mom,
tell her I said hi.
- OK.
- (Don't let him touch you.)
One more day, and we're together.
I'm sorry about my brother, Ken.
I know he's insensitive.
He's had a hard life.
Dad used to beat him up.
Anybody moves and you're dead.
[Alarm rings]
[Dogs yap]
Look where you're going!
Chauvinist pig!
Really, people here just
think they own the pavement.
[Engine starts]
[Brakes screech]
That was fun.
I love robbing the English.
- They're so polite.
- The d-d-d...
- What is it, Ken?
- The dog!
We didn't hit the dog.
- $20 million and an insect worries him!
- It's not an in-in...
Stutter's not getting any better.
How about surgery?
Shut up!
Let's split.
- See you at Heathrow on Tuesday.
- Lie low. No celebrating.
No celebrating?
See you in a couple of hours.
To $20 million.
To a job well done.
To us.
To the best brother and
sister team since...
Romeo and Juliet?
Do you believe those Cockney
klutzes bought our story?
What morons!
- I want you to know something.
- What?
Even if you were my brother,
I'd still want to fuck you.
Make the call.
- Momento, carissima.
- No!
- Eventuale!
- No Italian!
Per cominciare, due


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