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Мертвые дочери

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l won't stay long! Don't be afraid!
Damn, the window! It's open. It's open!
Please, roll up the window!
Let me close the window!
You just don't understand!
What are you doing? Get out of my car!
Don't touch the drops! They protect us!
Just don't stay still. Get moving!
Get moving!
What's your name? What's your name?
l'm Vera.
Mine's Max. Now you'll save my life!
Excuse me, but where exactly did you see
a Red Cross on the car?
Rain! Great! l think l've lost them.
Can't believe it. Fuck, Vera, get moving!
Please, get moving! We have to go now!
Fuck, what's wrong with your car?
Vera, l totally understand,
but l'm not getting out of the car.
And if you start screaming,
l'll have to resort to violence.
Get moving! All right, all right...
Vera, please!
Where to?
To some crowded place, with lots of people,
Iots of fish tanks full of water.
They're afraid of water.
Yes, that's it, a restaurant. l'm starving.
But make sure it's not too expensive.
l'd be happy to buy you dinner,
but l don't have much money.
Just make sure it has
fish tanks there. Come on!
Well, l yield to violence, then.
Thanks God! Thank you. Thank you, Vera!
Hey, and you brought this gink to a restaurant?
You are full of adventure, Vera!
So, what happens next?
Anything else?
two glasses of wine.
Which wine?
You'll find it easier to believe this way.
l hope l'm not disturbing you...
Hope they won't touch me here.
They're afraid. Then again,
frankly, it's only a theory.
You can never be sure with them.
To be perfectly honest,
there's no way of telling if it
isn't all just in my head.
We know so little about these things.
Oh, don't worry.
Besides, the dinner's on me. Almost..
You just sit there, hear a short story. Ok?
Please, calm yourself. Just look at
the bubbles. And calm down. Look!
Vera, l'm so sorry for this, l really am... l'll..
l'll do something good for you too.
Say, where do you work?
At a tourist agency.
l tell you what! l'll buy all my tickets from you.
Fish, water, lots of people...
A good restaurant. Oh, here it comes!
Now l can't treat you.
Bon appetite.
Oh God, they really wore me out.
This one's also for you.
Good wine, take it!
Come on, have a drink.
Well, you'll find it easier to believe this way.
There's a good girl, there! Good wine, isn't it?
We could have some more, later... at your place.
l think l'm ready for your story.
Now l tell you something you won't believe.
A few days ago l wouldn't have
believed it myself. Well, here goes...
Then, he told me about those daughters.
Honestly, l never expected that you'd
believe my story so easily. Thank you.
You... you're absolutely amazing,
Vera. l'm so glad l met you.
l'll only have to spend one night at your place.
lf l got it right, all this will be over
tomorrow, and l'll be safe.
All right, in l go.
Don't forget about the laughter.
Yes, l remember. If l hear childish laughter,
l go back to the car.
And... the sign.
Like this.
Good luck.
No, no, no! Vera, don't!
They will kill me, l didn't lie!
They will kill both me and you! Open the door!
l thought we were friends! Vera!
Don't touch me, please! Don't touch me!
..one night a deranged mother
drowned her three little daughters,
all on the same night.
A few years later, the murderess mom,
in a mental institution
was herself brutally murdered.
The dead daughters' ghosts took their
revenge on their mother,...
but their thirst for revenge wasn't quenched,
and their hatred remained.
They went on killing.
They followed the last one to see their
victim alive for three days.
As soon as the man did anything bad or wicked...
..the ghosts killed them.
l mean, come on...
Three chicks rose up from the dead and
actually tried to kill this guy?
Cool story!
Wow, funky magic mushrooms he's got!
l'm not telling you how l came
to be their next victim.
No matter how it sounds.
Believe me, this is serious.
Leave me be, please. l didn't do
Мертвые дочери

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