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Chim chiminy, chim chiminy
chim chim cheree
A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be
chim chiminy, chim chiminy
chim chim cheroo
Good luck will rub off
when he shakes hands with you
chim chiminy chim chim cheree
chim cher...
Rum diddly-diddly-diddly rum diddle-die
Rum diddly-diddly-diddly rum diddle-die
All right, ladies and gents,
comical poems suitable for the occasion,
extemporized and thought up
before your very eyes.
All right, here we go.
Room here for everyone
gathered around...
The constable's responstable.
Now, how does that sound?
Hello, Miss Lark,
I got one for you
Miss Lark likes to walk in the park
with Andrew.
Hello, Andrew.
Ah, Mrs. Cory,
a story for you
Your daughters were shorter than you...
but they grew.
Dear Miss Persimmon...
Wind's in the east...
Mist comin' in...
Like something is brewin'
About to begin
can't put me finger
on what lies in store
But I feel what's to happen...
all happened before.
I'm sorry. Where was I?
Thank you, one and all,
for your kind support.
Ah, Miss Lark, thank you.
Bless you, guv.
Generosity itself, that's what you are.
No charge.
Oh, it's you! Hello.
Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, you say?
All right. Come along with me.
This here's Cherry Tree Lane.
Nice little spot, you might say.
Number 17's just down a bit.
Now, this imposing edifice
what first greets the eye
is the home of Admiral Boom,
late of His Majesty's Navy.
Likes his house shipshape, he does,
shipshape and Bristol fashion at all times.
- Time gun ready?
- Ready and charged, sir.
- Three minutes and six seconds.
- Aye aye, sir.
What he's famous for is punctuality.
The whole world
takes its time from Greenwich.
But Greenwich, they say,
takes its time from Admiral Boom.
What cheer, Admiral?
Good afternoon to you, young man.
Where are you bound?
Number 17. Got some parties here in tow
what wants to see it.
- Enter that in the log.
- Aye aye, sir.
A word of advice, young man:
Storm signals are up at Number 17.
Bit of heavy weather brewing there.
Thank you, sir. Keep an eye skinned.
Here we are.
Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane.
Residence of George Banks, Esquire.
Hello, hello, hello. The Admiral's right.
Heavy weather brewin' at Number 17,
and no mistake.
- Leave her alone!
- Shut up!
I'll show you. Don't you be trying
to stop the wretched creature!
Let her go, that's what I say,
and good riddance!
I never liked her
from the moment she set foot in the door.
But who gets stuck with the children with
no nanny in the house? Me, that's who!
Her and her high and mighty ways!
And that face of her
that would stop a coal barge, it would.
Indeed, Mrs. Brill! I wouldn't stay
in this house another minute,
not if you heaped me
with all the jewels in Christendom.
- No, no, Katie Nanna, don't go!
- Stand away from that door, my girl!
But what am I going to tell
the master about the children?
It's no concern of mine.
Those little beasts
have run away from me for the last time.
They must be somewhere.
Did you look around the zoo in the park?
You know how Jane and Michael is.
Coo! You don't think the lion
could've got at them, do ya?
You know how fond they was
of hangin' around the cage.
I've said my say, and that's all I'll say.
I've done with this house forever.
Well, hip, hip, hooray!
And don't stumble on the way out, dearie.
Now, now, Katie Nanna!
Mrs. Banks! She's home!
Our daughters' daughters will adore us
and we'll sing in grateful chorus
Well done, Sister Suffragette
Good evening, Katie Nanna, Ellen.
We had the most glorious meeting!
Mrs. Whitbourne-Allen chained herself to
the wheel of the prime minister's carriage.
- You should've been there.
- Mrs. Banks, I would like a word with you.
And Mrs. Ainslie,
she was carried off to prison,
singing and scattering pamphlets
all the way!
I'm glad you're home, madam.
I've always given the best that's in me...
Oh, thank you, Katie Nanna.
I always knew you

- 9

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