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Based upon the play by
A. Volodin
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designers:
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Tamara Vasilyevna -
Aleksandr Petrovich Ilyin -
Stanislav LYUBSHIN
Zoya - Valentina TELICHKINA
Katya - Larissa KUZNETSOVA
Slava - Igor NEFYODOV
Timofeyev -
Evening One
- You found it?
- In a sec, bunny.
- Sasha, what is love?
- No one knows.
Love is like electricity.
Only if it's alternating current.
Quite possible.
Not possible, but exactly.
- When does your leave end?
- Soon I'll go choo-choo.
I found it!
Don't look, I must fix it.
I'm not looking.
Not looking.
I'm mortally afraid of electricity.
Thank God you're here.
Living alone, I can't either drive
a nail in or screw in a bulb.
But, Sasha, please don't
interpret our relationship
as if I'm so easy to get.
Come on
- What do you mean, come on?
- I won't interpret.
- Zoya, you're better than before.
- You're just being nasty.
No, Sasha, it's not so at all.
What a charming girl I was
when I was young.
And what a fine man was courting me!
He was middle-aged, though.
My mother talked me out of it.
So I arranged a match
between him and my friend.
I met her recently.
How she was dressed!
And it was me who could be
in her place.
All right, I'll go to the kitchen.
Look, why don't you bring
your things from the hotel?
You're living here anyway.
Why waste money?
I just can't live with my neighbors!
And I behave like an insane woman.
You must be despising me, don't you?
No, why? On the contrary.
You know what model is being
photographed now most of all?
What do they see in her?
I don't like her at all.
She's all right.
Come on!
Look, this one is my favorite.
They used to photograph her for all
the magazines, but no more.
Why don't they?
I guess she got married
to a guy with means.
Here's another good one.
Wait, I'll show you more.
Can you, please,
answer this question?
Suppose a girl
met a man.
He fell madly in love with her.
She decides to go
through life with him.
And he suddenly dumps her.
She met another man,
and he again, bang! and left.
Oh, you're not listening to me.
I'm listening.
It happens.
A sad story.
Of course, it's sad.
Oh, the pie!
Can you believe it?
Yes, number 6's been pulled down.
Such a great pie has burned down!
They couldn't turn it off, beasts!
- Is this number 8?
- That one is 8, ours is 11.
With the "Food Worker" sports
society in the courtyard?
How do I know?
I rented a room here from
a woman before the war.
When was it?
17... No.
18 years ago.
Damn it!
What are you talking about?
That's why I didn't recognize it.
The corner house has been pulled down.
The whole apartment stinks now!
Didrt turn it off on purpose.
See who I have to live with?
Real beasts!
Damn it...
Take it easy.
The filling is just fine,
can you imagine?
Zoya, what if I just go there?
Perhaps they still live there?
Go where?
To that woman.
I rented a room at her place.
- If you want, we can go together.
- No, Sasha.
Then I'll go alone.
Just 15 minutes, and I'll be back.
I'll set the clock for you.
I'll be here in 15 minutes.
I'll buy a cake, too.
And some cigarettes.
I can't smoke your "Femina".
All right, Zoya, I'll be right back.
I have to put an end to it.
All right.
Ludmila Markovna!
You think that if there's
no one to stand up for me
you can do to me
whatever you like?
- Does Tamara Vasilyevna live here?
- Yes, Tamara Vasilyevna lives here.
Tamara Vasilyevna lives here,
and I live over there.
Pavel is in hospital,
Mitya came back from the army.
A lot of people living here,
but there's no one to open the door.
Tamara Vasilyevna?
Do you have a room to rent?

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