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Aprense, cabrones! Rpido!
Psale! Psale! chale!
rale! chale! chale!
rale, muchachos!
Aprense, muchachos.
This is Deputy Sheriff Oscar Garcia.
You are all under arrest
for horse stealing. Drop your guns.
chale con tu chingada madre, cabrn!
(shouting in Spanish)
You gonna steal these horses
back from me? Huh? Policeman?
These are my horses!
Garcia, Ramos, policemen...
You'll never get away with this. You can't
kill a policeman. They'll hunt you down.
Hijo de perra!
I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
I'm gonna teach him a lesson.
Some of these guys
are a lot taller than me.
A whole head taller.
Pues de la chingada!
Qu est pasando?
Hey, you, cabrn! You're hurting my cars,
pendejo! Why you do that?
This is JJ McQuade, Texas Ranger.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Put 'em down.
- Do not move.
- "Do not move." (cackles)
Hey, you. Stand up like a man
so I can see you.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
There! You think I care
about your pinche friend now?
Put down your weapon
or I'll shoot this man!
I say I'll shoot this man, motherfucker!
Better listen to me, cabrn!
Right now! Come down!
Ranger! I'm gonna kill this man!
Drop your weapon! Qu quieres?
Ain't no one ever killed no Texas Ranger
and lived to tell it.
He ain't that big. Muchachos, come down.
Show our honoured guest some respect.
Echa, hijo puta!
I've never seen
a Texas Ranger up close before.
You know,
once a Texas Ranger
kicked my father's teeth out.
Would you do that to me, Texas Ranger?
Don't shoot me.
Don't shoot me! You already kicked
my teeth out! What else do you want?
Like father, like son.
Come on.
(shouts in Spanish)
Get back, kid.
Stay there and I'll cut you loose.
I just wanna say thank you.
Thank you. You were great.
OK, OK, kid. OK.
Go cut your buddies loose. Go on.
Chinga a tu madre, puto.
Come on. I'm gonna fix your teeth.
(continues shouting in Spanish)
- (PA) We present to you, Dakota Brown...
- (cheering and applause)
For 38 years of unrivalled performance
as a Texas Ranger...
for over 2,000 felony arrests...
(cheering and applause)
For serving the great state of Texas
with fearless devotion...
this gold watch...
and honorary plaque.
(Dakota) Hey, how about that?
How about that? Ain't that somethin'?
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a real honour.
Adios, amigos. Hasta la vista.
Thank you, folks. Drive careful
goin' home now, you hear me?
- Good speech, Dakota.
- The hell with it. Did you get 'em?
- You bet.
- Sorry I was at this hand-job session.
- I'd love to have helped.
- I could have used you.
- Dakota?
- Yeah, Captain?
Can't say as I'm gonna miss you.
Thank you very much, Captain.
And thank you for the watch.
- And you, McQuade...
- Drink, Captain?
My office in ten minutes.
"And you, McQuade..." (laughs)
Hey, McQuade.
Hi, there.
- Captain?
- Sit down, McQuade.
You think you're pretty damn good,
don't you, McQuade?
In case you didn't know it there's more to
being a Texas Ranger than making busts.
- You gotta look good doing it.
- (toilet flushes)
The best always have style.
- I said, sit down.
- I'll stand, Captain.
Now, in terms of
unassisted felony arrests,
I admit your record is unrivalled.
But my kind of Ranger is a model citizen.
A pillar in the community. Goes to church.
He lives clean
and he's got a lovin' wife and kids.
Read it.
It's an editorial by the senator who
happens to approve our annual budget.
I quote: "Ranger JJ McQuade
is a walking symbol
of the brutal, uncooperative, obsolete and
discriminatory nature of Rangers today."
Well, your "lone wolf" attitude
is gonna change.


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