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На краю Вселенной

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CAYou did it, John.
All fighting has stopped.
There's no more dying.
And all of a sudden,
three is not such
a scary number.
But no matter
how wonderful this is,
I will not accept it
as a trade-off
for losing you.
I've got you.
Thank you ever so
for your kind assistance.
Always anxious to lend a hand
to a Dominar.
So often I've proclaimed having
a belly full of Crichton and Aeryn.
Never thought
it would be so literal.
What did you call
their species again?
This is Crichton.
He is called a Human.
And Aeryn, Sebacean.
Definitely Sebacean.
Rygel, do you have
all the pieces?
From under every rock,
every crevice,
I sifted the bottom sand
with my bare hands!
Look at my nails!
Caa'ta, the Leviathan ship
has returned.
Their transport pod
is approaching.
Order the concealment
canopy lowered.
Sir, another deep-space contact
from Peacekeeper Strategic Command.
It's Grand Chancellor Maryk again.
Grand Chancellor.
Where the Hedsmana
in my orders did you find the phrase
"preemptive attack"?
The Scarrans are massing
for an impending onslaught
we all know is coming!
A conflict we are
ill situated to win.
By challenging them before
they are prepared, we have a fighting chance.
- You were sent to gather surveillance and...
- With all due respect, sir,
I was sent here to perish
at the vanguard
of this inevitable conflict.
I simply refuse to participate
on their terms or yours!
Because of your actions,
the Scarran Empire
has declared war against us.
Do you know what that means,
We are now officially engaged
in the last war of our era!
- D'Argo!
- Chiana!
- Your eyes.
- I can see again.
- What happened? How?
- He, He gave me n-new eyes.
- We found one, yes.
- Stark and I found a Diagnosan.
What's wrong with him?
Nothing's wrong with him!
He's fine.
Grunschlk, I thought
you were dead.
Me? Hardly at all.
Those crystals
are people's lives.
Stop waving that thing around.
This had better work.
You're lucky
to have him, mate.
they're at a premium.
Especially now
that there's a war on.
What war?
The Peacekeepers and the Scarrans
have declared war against each other.
Do the Peacekeepers know
what they're getting into?
The Scarrans didn't
give 'em much choice.
They were already taking
the galaxy by force. System by system.
A galaxy-wide war.
The Scarran vanguard has breached our
defense perimeter.
We've drawn them in
sufficiently. The trap is set.
Captain, initiate the plan
exactly as I instructed.
All pilots, deactivate
targeting in-flight systems.
We fly manual from here.
Fly straight in.
Their targeting telemetrics
will be corrupted
at least two degrees off center
by the ambient magnetics.
You dared them to hit you.
Red Team, move close to my
left flank. Blue Team, likewise.
Upon signal,
execute tier attack
on lead Scarran Dreadnought.
All armada ships
now taking heavy fire, sir.
Only for the moment.
Stay positioned.
And... fire!
Lower your weapons.
How long?
About 60 solar days.
Still on the water planet.
Put your weapons down now!
Bad guys?
Yes and no. They did help us
put you back together.
Put us back together?
They said it was an accident.
You were crystallized.
Last warning.
- You said yes.
- I did?
- Sixty days. Any regrets?
- No. It's going really well.
Hey, we're gonna get married!
Sir, you were
absolutely correct.
Their pilots and gunners
were no match for ours.
- Scorpius?
- Prepare to withdraw.
The rest of the armada is to continue
to engage the enemy, covering our escape.
But, sir, we're winning.
- Without this carrier, all remaining units...
- My orders are clear.
Sir, you're asking us to withdraw our troops,
our ships, our...
Close hangars!
Wait for maximum speed.
He is alive, Sikozu.
На краю Вселенной

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