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This is a historical chronicle of the last,
decisive battle with Nazi Germany,
the capture of Berlin, and the
unonditional surrender of the German
armed fores.
Written and direted by Y.Raizman,
Director of Photography
Text by N.Shpikovsky, Edited by E.Svilova,
I.Setkina, T.Likhacheva
Prodution manager: I.Khmelnitsky.
Deputy production managers:
A.Kuznetsov, M.Bessmertny, N.Melnikov.
Production of documentary material from
the 1 st Belarussian Front: E.Volk and
A.Usoltsev, text editor V.Popov
Cameramen: A.Alexeyev, E.Alexeyev,
I.Arons, N.Vikhirev, K.Vents, G.Giber,
G.Golubov, A.Levitan, B.Dementyev,
L.Dultsev, G.Yepifanov, D.Ibragimov,
R.Karmen, I.Komarov, N.Kiselev,
F.Leontovih, V.Lezerson, E.Mukhin,
L.Mazrukho, M.Poselsky, S.Semyonov,
V.Solovyov, A.Sofyin, G.Senotov,
V.Simkhovih, B.Sokolov, V.Tomberg,
V.Frolenko, M.Shneiderov
With additional support from the camera
crew of the 1 st Ukrainian Front.
Cameramen: G.Alexandrov, M.Aravov,
A.Bogorov, K.Brovin, N.Bykov, P.Gorbenko,
G.Ostrovsky, A.Pogorely, S.Sheinin
Head of the amera rew: L.Saakov,
Production assistants: Z.Tulubyeva,
M.Pankina, N.Solovyova
Narrated by A.Khmara. Designed by
I.Nizhnik. Sound-trak - A.Roitman. Sound
engineers: V.Kotov, E.Kashkevich, I.Nikitin
The film was produed with help from the
headquarters and political department of
the 1 st Belarussian Front. Chief consultant:
Major-General S.Platonov
Sequenes from German newsreels were
used in the film.
Produced by the Central Order of the Red
Banner Studio of Documentary Films in
Berlin. May, Nineteen forty-five. Hitler's
Reihskanzelei has already been taken.
Hitler's personal offie.
Here the Nazi military brass ultivated
their riminal plans to fore people into
Now these plans are known to the whole
First it is necessary to conquer Western
"Unless we rule Europe we are nothing.
Europe is Germany".- Hitler.
Then a Blitzkrieg ampaign in Russia.
"If we want to create a great German Empire
... we must decimate the Slav peoples."-
Then via the Middle East arry out a strike
against Britain...
...and Canada.
"Britain should be hit where it is the weakest
- in India and Canada."- Hitler.
Then across the Mediterranean into Africa.
"Africa must be a German dominion."- Hitler.
From there into the Western Hemisphere.
"Germany would become great and rich by
capturing Mexican mines. Why should we
not embark on this enterprise?"- Hitler
And finally move on to the United States.
"To defeat the Anglo-Saxons and in the
future to include the United States of
America into the German World Empire."-
These were not just dreams.
They landed troops in northern Norway.
Having aptured Europe, the Nazi armed
forces invaded Africa and were
approaching Alexandria.
Their submarines were sinking vessels off
the Amerian coast.
In those days Hitler thought he was the
onqueror of the world and was even ready
to share his glory with his Italian ally
Drunken with easy victories, Hitler beame
brave enough to march his troops to the
Soviet Union.
It seemed to many then that there was no
fore on earth whih ould stop the
advance of his armies.
However, Stalingrad brought them to a
The Red Army stopped this giant war
machine of Hitler's murderers and rapists.
The Red Army's victory and great fame was
born out of the smoke of Stalingrad's
It was from here that the march to Berlin
The Red Army drove them away from the
It pursued them aross the Don.
Thousands of guns and tanks were left on
the battlefields.
Aross the Desna. As they left, they burned
our villages, blew up our fatories, and
destroyed our roads.
The Red Army drove them across the
Tens of thousands of Nazi killers and
rapists remained on the fields of Ukraine.
They were drowned in the Bug, encircled
and destroyed.
They rossed

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