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Eight o'clock.
All's well. Misty weather.
- Here ye are, me lad.
- Thank ye.
A press gang. A press gang!
- The press gang!
- Let's get out of here!
In the king's name!
Well, we got all the fish
we need in one net.
- Line them up, boatswain.
- Aye, aye. Line up, lads!
Lads, bow your necks and weep.
You're in the king's navy.
I'm no seaman, sir. I'm a tailor.
What's that, your needlework?
No chin music.
- What ship, sir?
- The Bounty, for the South Seas.
- That's the end of the world.
- No, he sailed there with Captain Cook.
He knows the brown gals
gay as kiss-me.
- Who's the captain?
- Bligh.
- Bligh!
- Seize him!
How long will we be gone?
Till there's enough frost
in hell to kill snap beans.
How long is that, sir?
I've got to know.
- Two years, lad.
- Please, don't take my husband.
When we had a baby,
Tommy left the sea.
He don't want to serve in the navy.
- It's true, sir.
- Sorry, the king needs six men.
You can't take him! It's like forever!
I can't take them and not take him.
No, you can't take him!
I won't let you!
- Lass, lass.
- It's two years! No! It's two years!
This is England's new venture
in science, in trade, in discovery.
Who else but Sir Austin Byam's
son should go?
But two years.
- I understand, my dear.
- Ship ahoy!
Behold! The elder son of the sea
and heir to all its oceans.
Uniform by Jeeves.
It's so new, it creaks.
I'll come back an admiral,
with a necklace for you.
Pearls as big as coconuts.
I'll name a nice shiny island
after you, Sir Joseph.
- I owe you for my appointment.
- You've been appointed for one purpose:
To make me a dictionary
of the Tahitian language.
I've made that clear to Captain Bligh.
- What's he like, sir?
- Captain Bligh?
He's a seagoing disaster.
His hair is rope yarn.
His teeth are marlinespikes.
Marlinespikes? Good.
Sounds rather terrifying. But perhaps,
as your father used to say:
"A taut hand at sea is better
than a slack one."
You'd have made a rare sailor, ma'am.
Why don't you stow away, Mother?
I've considered it. Very seriously.
Well, here's to the voyage
of the Bounty.
To the voyage of the Bounty!
Still waters and the great golden sea.
Flying fish like streaks of silver
and mermaids that sing in the night.
The Southern Cross, and all the stars
on the other side of the world.
Bless my soul.
To the voyage of the Bounty!
Is that the Bounty?
No, sir. That's the flagship of the fleet.
There's your little pint-pot.
That's the Bounty for Tahiti?
She isn't very big, is she?
It ain't the size that counts, youngster.
It's the salt in the lads that man it.
- Where's your sweetheart, handsome?
- She married a sailor.
It's Ellison, sir.
He tried to break ship.
On deck, Morrison. Churchill.
Aye, sir.
Break ship, would you?
I can't face it, sir. Not two years.
I might not come back.
Then she's left with the baby.
Flog me, send me to jail,
but don't take me, sir!
Now, listen to me, Ellison.
The sea's hard, but you whistle it off.
Do your spit and polish and you'll
come home with the seals...
...following in admiration.
I was like you when I first came to sea,
Cumberland moss all over me.
Now it's turned to barnacles.
That's better.
On this voyage, if you get in trouble,
come to me. I'll see you get justice.
But if you're wrong,
look out for squalls.
Now, get your chin up.
Go on deck. Say goodbye to your wife.
- You've got her aboard, sir?
- And the baby.
- Come on. Shake a leg.
- Thank you, sir.
- So you're going to the South Seas?
- Aye.
Here. Take this with you.
You can buy your own island.
Ten shillings.
Ten? I ain't seen the king's face
on a shilling for so long...
...I've forgotten which George it is, but
I'll take it and pay you when I get back.
Sailor! You're not coming back,
not in this little half-walnut.
Here you are. Diamond brooch.
Real gold,


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