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27 Потерянных Поцелуев

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VIDEOLARThat year there
were two eclipses.
One of the sun and
one of the moon.
Sibylla was 14.
Alexander was 41.
And I was 14, like Sybilla.
I remember how many times I
kissed Sibylla that summer: 73.
She said I was allowed 100 kisses,
but I didn't reach that figure.
It was interrupted by
the blast of a hunting rifle.
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
My dear redhaired cutie!
That gunner is
a complete fool!
It's dangerous to
drive past the range.
Veronica, my darling!
We've got to meet up!
Just steer clear of Veronica.
You know her lieutenant
is a real nut.
I don't really give a damn!
Lavrenti, dear, let's
go to bed together.
Leave me in peace.
When you get drunk, you yell
about not having children.
Where will they come from,
if you bang around with guns?
Hurry, get out!
Come on, guys. Push, come on.
But all together!
Piotr, stop just standing around.
Leave your accordion and push.
Alexander, help us push!
That's it! Let's go!
Hurry up. Get up!
The brakes aren't working.
It must be from the explosion.
I'll keep going,
and you jump out.
Sibylla, don't jump!
Alexander, help her.
Are you okay?
-Weren't you afraid?
You sound just like Grandma
Katerina on the phone.
-I'll drop you at home.
-Just a moment.
I'm so happy to see you.
You'll drive, Mika?
She's my niece.
The girl's an angel.
Let's go.
-Where are you off to?
-I'll be right back.
-What's up with you?
-I've got diarrhea.
-Something you ate?
-No, I've fallen in love.
Who with?
Her name's Sybilla and
she's out on the motorbike.
I saw her and fell in love.
So much that it upset my stomach.
It's good, we were
passing by your place.
And your friend?
He's coming.
Here, take it, it's 207 years old.
Thank you.
Shall I compare you
to a summer day?
Though you are more lovely
and more tempered.
Rough winds do shake
the darling buds of May.
Summer has all
too short a date.
You can witness
the princess bathing.
Go behind the curtain.
Don't worry, the electricity
often gets turned off.
Alexander is an
extraordinary man.
Since his wife died...
he spends all his time in the
observatory, watching stars...
and pretending there are
no women in the world.
His son, Mika, is a good boy.
I really had to laugh when
I saw him looking at you...
devouring you with his eyes.
It stings, I've got some
soap in my eye.
-Let me have a look.
-It hurts.
Just a minute,
let me open the door.
Sorry, Marta, but I can't take
the flowers home with me.
My lieutenant
is a real Othello.
He'll start asking me all
about who gave them.
Tell your admirer that yellow
roses lead to separation.
It was a present for us.
Yellow roses!
You have to hold them up to
the moon and make a wish.
Moon, make papa
come back to mama.
Make Grandma Katerina
regain her sanity.
I've fallen in love.
Please, make my bad blood
calm down, as mama says.
What a moon...
I thought you weren't
sleeping anymore.
I came to watch the
light of the dying star.
You did promise to show me.
You put that beautifully:
"The light of the dying star."
When I was ill, I used
to talk to the moon.
Papa used to say,
"Sibylla fell from the moon."
I think about you
all the time.
I know it's not right for a girl
to go to a man at night.
I know it isn't.
Do you know Sappho?
Papa has a friend
called Sappho.
When she sees Papa,
she instantly falls asleep.
I'm not talking about some idiot,
but about the poetess!
She wrote poems and launched
them into the air like birds.
Like this... look!
He's going to come out...
stop and then go back.
What is it, Dad?
-I forgot my keys on the table.
-I'll get them.
-How many spoons of sugar?
One, two, three, four...
five, six, seven, eight.
Don't stir it!
I hate it too sweet.
Martha, don't be late
for the rehearsal.
-What's the time?
-Four o'clock.
Here's the x-ray of
a man in love...
who swallowed three forks.
27 Потерянных Поцелуев

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