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Великое закрытие

MontrSoyuzmultfilm presents
"The Great Cover-Up"
Screenwriter: G.Oster
Director: I.Ufimtsev
Art directors: L.Shvartsman, A.Kuritsyn
Camera: I.Dianov
Composer: V.Shainskiy
Sound: B.Filchikov
Editor: G.Filatova
Script editor: N.Abramova
Animators: N.Dabizha, S.Kositsyn,
Voices: R.Mukhametshina, V.Livanov
V.Larionov, M.Kozakov
Puppets and decorations by:
O.Masainov, P.Gusev, M.Koltunov
V.Grishin, M.Chesnokova, N.Moleva
V.Ladygin, N.Grinberg, V.Alisov
Film director: G.Khmara
(C) Soyuzmultfim studio, 1985
- Yes... but why?
Yes-yes... but why?
- Why what?
Why where?
Why why?
- Monkey...
We have a coconut.
- That's great!
- Now we'll take it and...
- Eat it!
- No, wait.
We'll toss it up high.
What will happen?
- Nothing.
We will no longer have a coconut.
- Ah, no.
It will fall back down.
- Then we will have a coconut again!
- But why will it fall down?
On what grounds?
- On the ground, or on the head.
- I mean, why, for what reason
does it fall down?
- I told you! "Onto what, onto what..."
Right on top of my head!
- Now you see what's going on here?
- What's going on here,
beg your pardon?
- He threw a coconut at me!
- Throwing coconuts is mean.
- I threw the coconut straight up.
On top of Monkey it fell on its own.
- On its own?
Not so fast!
Nothing falls on people's
heads on its own!
- Yes it does!
This coconut, Monkey...
...fell on top of you because
of the laws of nature.
- There's no such law that lets you
smack people on the head!
- There is!
There is.
And it says...
If you throw something up...
...it will always come down.
Right on top of your head.
- Beg your pardon, but that's
not a very fair law.
- We don't need it.
Where did it come from?
- Always was.
Always was, right from
the beginning of time.
- No, no, no, no, no!
It wasn't there at first.
I remember that perfectly well.
And then it was discovered
by a very clever...
- Yes! It was a great discovery!
- Who asked him?
- And how did he discover it,
beg your pardon?
- One time this clever guy was sitting,
and an apple hit him right on the head!
And he immediately discovered it.
- Ah, out of shock, probably.
- Dis-covered, you say?
Can't we cover it back up, somehow?
- No, that we cannot.
Can not!
Once discovered, things
cannot be covered up again.
- Well, if it can be dis-covered...
one ought to be able
to cover it back up...
...beg your pardon.
- Yes, but...
- Yes, why not? We ought to try.
Let's think logically.
When he was hit on top of the head...
...he dis-covered it.
- I got hit really bad, too!
- Don't interrupt! Therefore...
...to cover it back up, it must hit...
...the other way around!
- What do you mean?
- Well, if on the head is
not the other way around...
Then the other way around will be,
I beg your pardon, on the...
...on the tail.
- You're absolutely right!
Give us your tail!
- What? Why?
- We'll use it in the cover-up!
- Grab it.
Grab it, grab it!
Now climb.
- We'll bang it so good,
it'll cover it right up!
- Hold this.
- Maybe we shouldn't? I feel bad
for him, beg your pardon.
- It's in the name of science!
- One!
- One.
- Two!
- Two.
- Two and a half!
- Two and a half, beg your pardon.
- Three!
- Throw!
- That's it!
- It's covered back up now!
- And doesn't apply any more!
- It doesn't work like that!
- We'll test it out.
- Don't.
I'll do it myself.
- Hurrah! It worked, it worked!
- I call this "the great cover-up!"
- The great cover-up! Beg your pardon.
- And yet, it still applies.
The end.
(cc) by-sa, Montr

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