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COMPUTER: Your move:
Bishop to knight four.
My move: Knight to rook three.
Poor baby,
you're starting to lose it, aren't ya?
Your move: King to rook one.
My move: Rook to knight six.
Checkmate. Checkmate.
You cheating bitch.
- Childs, what's he doing?
- Circling the camp.
Who is he?
- Said "Norge" or something on the side.
- It's Norwegian.
- George, are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
- Are you?
- Yeah.
What's going on there?
Watch it.
Easy, easy, easy. Yes.
First goddamn week of winter.
Oh, come on. Four stitches.
Barely grazed you.
What were they doing flying that low,
shooting at a dog, at us?
Stir-crazy. Cabin fever. Who knows?
U.S. Number 31, calling McMurdo.
Come in. Over.
U.S. Number 31, calling McMurdo.
Urgent. Come in. Over.
- Come on, come on.
- Nobody!
Nobody. Get a hold of somebody.
Get a hold of anybody.
We gotta report this mess.
Look, I haven't been able to reach shit
in two weeks.
I doubt if anybody's talked to anybody
on this entire continent,
and you want me to reach somebody!
Maybe we're at war with Norway.
I was wondering when the El Capitan
was gonna get a chance to use his popgun.
- How long have they been stationed there?
- It says here only eight weeks.
GARRY: Well, that's not long enough
for guys to go bonkers.
Bullshit, bwana.
Five minutes is enough
to put a man over down here.
PALMER: Damn straight.
I mean, look at Palmer.
He been the way he is since the first day.
How many in their party?
They started with 10.
There'd be eight others left.
How do we know? Guys as crazy as that
could have done a lot of damage
to their own before they got to us.
- Nothing we can do about that.
- Yes, there is. I wanna go up.
- In this weather?
- Bennings?
Winds are gonna let up a tad
next couple of hours.
A tad?
Can't condone it much myself,
but it is a short haul.
An hour there, an hour back.
Shit, Doc, I'll give you the lift. No problem.
- GARRY: Forget it, Palmer.
- Hey, thanks for thinking about it though.
Loaded with kerosene. I count 15 cans.
MacReady! Mac, get your gear on!
- Mac, it may not clear up for a week.
- Yeah.
- We're the closest ones to them.
- It's all right by me, Doc.
I'm just letting you know
we're taking a chance.
Quit the griping, MacReady.
Those clouds keep moving over the sun,
we're gonna get a whiteout.
We get caught in that,
you can scratch one doctor and one pilot.
This is real thin.
It'll clear as soon as you get up.
It's up to you, Mac.
If you don't wanna fly, we don't fly.
You really wanna save
those crazy Swedes, huh?
DOC: Norwegians.
- Which way, Doc?
- Southwest.
You're gonna have to read the map.
'Cause I'm gonna be busy.
Mac's really taking it up, huh?
He knows what he's doing.
Nauls, will you turn that crap down?
I'm trying to get some sleep.
I was shot today.
Read, bwana. Will do.
Writing's on the wall
Very superstitious
Anybody there?
Hey, Sweden!
They're not Swedish, Mac.
They're Norwegian.
My God. What the hell happened here?
Come on, Doc.
- Portable video unit. Anything?
- It's all in Norwegian.
What are you doing, Doc?
Could be important work.
I wanna take it back.
Well, it's getting late. Let's hurry it up.
I'll check out the last few rooms.
Hey, Copper, come here!
Maybe they found a fossil,
the remains of some animal buried
in the ice, and they chopped it out.
- But where is it?
- Look at this.
What is that?
Is that a man in there or something?
Whatever it is, they burned it up in a hurry.
Help me find a shovel, Doc.
We found this.
Jesus Christ.
DOC: Blair, I'd like you to start an autopsy
right away.
Did you reach anybody yet?
Reach anybody?
We're a thousand miles from nowhere, man,
and it's gonna get worse
before it gets


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