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EnglishThis film is based
on a true story.
In 1996,
during the first Chechen war,
the bordering region
of Ingushetia
was threatened with invasion
by Chechen detachments.
A psychiatric hospital was
located near this border.
The inmates lived their lives
unaware of the coming events.
Persona, Hachette Premiere
et Cie and Bac Films
present a Russian-French
with the support of
the Ministry of Culture
of Russia
Julia Vysotsky
Sultan Islamov
Stanislav Varkki
Elena Fomina
Marina Politseimako
Special guest:
Bryan Adams
Eugeni Mironov
A film by
Andrei Konchalovsky
Alexander Aronin
Make-up artist:
Nina Kolodkina
Svetlana Volter
Production designer:
Lubov Skorina
Olga Grinshpun
Original score:
Edward Artemiev
Director of photography:
Sergei Kozlov
Executive producer:
Louri Grishin
Felix Kleiman
Andrei Konchalovsky
Written and directed by:
Andrei Konchalovsky
What are you morons ogling at?
Who takes those trains
these days?
Nothing but cheap dealers.
Everyone's smuggling stuff
Russia's got the clothing fever.
And our Little Nell
is posing like some Greek statue
in the Pushkin Museum.
Ever heard of that museum,
you shitheads?
Cleaning detail, finish up.
The rest of you, get to bed.
You hear me?
Yes, sir!
So, you losers, seen enough?
Had your little fix?
Shame on you.
War and stupidity
will feed this generation.
A generation of junkies
and trash.
I spit in your faces.
"Thunder rumbles on the front
"My boots tramp on regardless
"Charge, onwards
to the enemy!"
Wipe that up, please.
Get lost, scumbag.
Wipe it up.
I spit on you all,
the runts and the tyrants,
links in the chain of strength
trampling my homeland!
Physical abuse is illegal.
That's a violation of the law
on psychiatric care
and the rights of the citizen
adopted in July 1992
by the Supreme Soviet.
- Wipe it up!
- I'll do it!
Leave her alone.
She has bad nerves.
- She spat, she cleans it up.
- Who do you think you are?
To give me orders!
You maniac, schizophrenic
bald scribbler!
Maniac, schizophrenic,
bald scribbler!
A man must not force a woman.
You animal! Goddamn screw!
In the camp, guys like you
were smothered under mattresses.
- Get up!
- Come on!
You're humiliating humanity.
Your turn will come one day.
Just wait a while
and we'll change places.
I'll spit and you'll wipe it up.
"Sit down by my side
"Take me in your arms and sing
"I feel so alone without you
"But complete when you're near"
Open up! Who locked me in?
Crazy bitch.
"Sit down by my side..."
Good morning, my love.
He's covered in fly shit again.
Damn things!
I thought I'd killed them all.
I dreamt he sang me
love songs again.
I dreamt of cocks again.
Cocks with wings like angels
flying all around me.
He's missing me so much.
I can tell he's waiting for me.
Give it a rest.
I bet he already has a wife.
Are you stupid, Lucia, or what?
She's a girlfriend.
He doesn't love her.
He knows he has a fiancee
in Russia.
For the wedding day,
I'll buy a big white hat.
Hats really suit me.
Lucia! There! There it is!
I'll beat the shit out of you!
It's dead.
Stop pushing.
You're not getting through,
I'm next!
- What about your toilet?
- Flooded again.
You'll crap all over ours again.
Have you seen Goga?
You haven't seen him?
We'll miss our turn!
Have you seen Goga anywhere?
- Has Mahmud been here?
- Yeah, but he's gone again.
Where's my place?
He was keeping it.
Get to the back of the line,
Citizen Atanessian.
Hey, Tut-tut, come out now!
Shorty's going to burst.
You were keeping my place?
Where am I?
I was here
before anyone for you.
Stop! Let Goga through.
I'm going nowhere.
No privileges here!
This is the women's toilet.
Come on, Shorty's bursting.
A real mafia,
selling places in line.
Get out of there, bitch!
I have a


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