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You better take this along, Don.
It's going to be cold on the farm.
How many shirts are you taking?
- Three.
I'm taking five.
Yeah, I told them at the office I might not be back
until Tuesday. We'll get there this afternoon.
That'll give us all Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
We'll make it a long wonderful weekend.
Sounds long, all right.
It'll be good for you Don, after what you've been through.
Trees and grass and sweet cider and buttermilk...
and water from that well that's colder than any other...
Wick, please, why this emphasis on liquids?
Very dull liquids.
Sorry, Don.
You know, I think it'd be a good idea
if we took along my typewriter.
What for?
To write. I'm gonna write there. Get started on that novel.
You really feel up to writing?
-Why not?
I mean, after what you've been through.
I haven't touched the stuff for ten days now.
I know. I know you haven't Don.
Where is the typewriter?
-In the living room...
in the closet...
kinda towards the back.
Are you sure it's in the closet? I can't find it.
Well look by the desk.
Isn't it under your bed?
Did you find it?
-Oh sure, sure here it is.
And here's some paper.
Tell you what we'll do, we'll fix up a table
on the south porch and nobody'll disturb you.
And maybe Saturday we can run down to the Country Club.
I'm not going near that Country Club.
-Why not?
"Because they're a bunch of hypocrites
and I don't like to be whispered about "
Look who's here from New York. The Birnam brothers...
or rather the nurse and the invalid.
- Oh. Stop it Don. Nobody there knows about you.
No? The minute we get off the train the alarm is sounded
The leper is back, Hide your liquor.
That's Helen. I'll take it. Helen.
Hello, Wick. Where's Don?
I'm glad I made it. I was afraid you'd be gone. Presents.
The new Thruber book, with comical jokes and pictures.
A nice quiet little double murder by Agatha Christie.
Cigarettes, chewing gum and darling, have a wonderful time.
And don't forget, lots of sleep, lots of milk...
Lots of cider, lots of ice cold water from the well. I know.
Bend down.
And now I must be going. I've missed ten minutes
of the concert already. So long Wick.
What concert?
-Carnegie Hall.
Barbirolli conducting. They gave me two tickets at the office.
Who are you going with?
What are they playing?
Brahms' Second Symphony, something by Beethoven...
somehing by Handel and not one note of Grieg.
Sounds wonderful.
-Goodbye, boys. See you Monday.
Tuesday. Wait a minute.
Wick, I just had a crazy idea.
-As for instance.
Who says we have to take the three fifteen train?
We could go on the six-thirty.
What are you talking about?
Well, I just thought we could take a later train...
and Helen wouldn't have to the concert by herself.
She's got two tickets, hasn't she?
No, no. I'm not going to upset any plans.
You're going on that three fifteen.
Oh. Now Helen, it's so silly!
A whale of a concert and an empty seat next to you.
No, Don. Everything's all set.
Now they'll be at the station to meet us
and dinner'll be waiting.
Put in a call that we're taking the later train
and have dinner at nine o'clock...
we'll be in bed by ten.
Nothing doing. We're going.
Wick is right. And don't worry about that empty seat.
I'll find myself a nice handsome
South American millionaire.
There you are. Did you hear her.
Besides, we'd have to break our necks anyway
to catch the train.
-It's five to three.
-You see?
Oh, don't be so stubborn Wick.
All right. Go ahead.
Just a minute. I'm not going.
Then what are we talking about?
Well, I want you to go. You and Helen.
Me and Helen?
-That's the idea.
-Who likes Brahms, you or I?
-Since when don't you like Brahms?
I'll just stick around here
and finish packing. Take a little nap maybe.
Nonsense. If anybody goes...Helen's your girl.
There's something in that, Don.
And what's more, I don't think you should be left alone.
-I shouldn't?


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